House of Representatives lifted its to Monday next after the end of the first reading and the second of five bills
On: Saturday 21/04/2012 16:35

Baghdad (news) .. ended the House of Representatives in the thirty-seventh session, held under the chairmanship of Osama al-Chairman of the Board of Representatives and the presence of 166 deputies on Saturday, the first reading and the second of five bills.

A statement of the Council has received the Agency (news) a copy of it on Saturday: that at the beginning of the meeting initiated by any of the Holy Quran The Board discussed the issue of voting on candidates for members of the Federal Court of Cassation.
The MP Salman Jumaili no objection to the Iraqi List, any judge nominated by the Supreme Judicial Council, as long as the fulfillment of the requirements.

For his part, MP Khalid al-Attiyah to the existence of a dispute over the number of judges, explaining the need for more time to resolve the conflict and add to the agenda during future meetings.

And MP Bahaa al-Araji, to give notice of the leaders of parliamentary blocs to agree on the names of candidates of the Court of Cassation.

The statement said: Najafi said that the identification on 3 next May, the date for the vote on the names of candidates for the Court of Cassation.

The statement noted: that the President of the Chamber of Deputies decided to postpone the vote on the exemption of plant Saber al-Issawi secretary to Baghdad on 3 next May, after a request by the Attorney Shirwan Waeli applicant interrogation.

The statement added that the prosecutor Arshad Salhi read on behalf of the House of Representatives Turkmen report on the issue of Turkmen in the era of the former regime confirming exposure to the flagrant violations of human rights and try to obliterate their national identity during the era of the former regime, pointing out that the Turkmen after the fall of the regime have not received till now on all of their rights .

The report called for the adoption of the House of Representatives to the decision regarded the Turkmen nation third tour in Iraq and give them all constitutional and legal rights and legislation laws to exercise their rights at various levels in addition to calling for the formation of a supreme body for Turkmen and balancing the national security ministries and independent bodies, and to prevent any decisions or actions taken To change the ethnic structure in the areas inhabited by Turkmen component as well as the reopening of the radio and TV channel Turkmen government and the granting of seats for the Turkmen students in college scholarships and military and police.

Interventions in the House of Representatives report on the MP Bahaa al-Araji, the allocation of a special session to discuss the issue of Turkmen who have been subjected to marginalization and the status of Kirkuk is processed through the achievement of balance and work to provide all the needs of the city.

In turn, Deputy Speaker of Parliament Arif Tayfur that the problem of Turkmen in Kirkuk are not related, but only in areas where they are located.

MP Nabil Hrbo has pointed out that the Turkmen Tal Afar, representing a quarter of the hearts of the Turkmen were targeted many of the terrorist acts and called for the mechanism of the serious and real to rid the city from terrorism and activate national reconciliation.

He also called Mohammed re-Hindawi full rights to the children of the Turkmen National morally, politically and financially.

It showed that the MP, but Talabani Turkmen were subjected to injustices large during the former regime who practiced discrimination against the nationalist Iraqi factions.

For his part, MP on the Keywords to expedite the provision of compensation for the people component of Turkmenistan and the resolution of the issue of Turkmen lands and compensation for what they have suffered from damage.

The MP pointed to the importance of Alaa Makki ensure the rights of the Turkmen political prisoners who were subjected to injustice during the former regime.

For his part, MP Fuad Masum, the Turkmen component Isaias Thoroughbred in Iraq, which requires attention to them at various levels, calling for Property Claims Commission to speed up consideration of the issues before it.

The proposed MP Walid al-Hilli study an investment project for construction of a modern city extends from the Turkmen of Tuz Khurmatu in Kirkuk to their areas to exercise their cultural rights and the creation of schools, colleges and the University of their own.

He called Kanna to re-activate the Special Committee to pursue the rights of minorities in various areas, calling for elimination of the culture of arrogance, stressing the importance of a real representation of minorities in the various institutions.

The Deputy Secretary Farhan Jeju Yazidis support to the demands of the Turkmen in Neil all their legitimate rights in full.

He called Shoresh Mustafa Turkmen to engage in decision-making and to participate in the management of state institutions.

The proposed MP Amina Said the formation of parliamentary committees to monitor the situation of minorities and reducing discrimination against any ethnic, religious or sectarian.

For his part, MP Khalid Rumi that the spirit of citizenship and contributes to the legislation of laws to remove any sense of injustice.

And referred the report to the President Najafi commissions of human rights, security and defense, legal and accountability and justice for the purpose of his study.

The statement continued: The Council ended the first reading of the bill that the First Amendment of the Law of the maritime agencies number (56) for the year 1985, submitted by the Committee Services and ages for the purpose of regulating the maritime services and leave the exercise and determine who is responsible for them and cancel CPA Order now defunct No. 51 of 2004.

The statement said: The Council has completed the first reading of the draft law the First Amendment of the Law of the highway number (35) for the year 2000, submitted by the Commission services and ages, which aims to limit the damage to public roads, overtaking on the taboos and reducing the damage caused by overloads in vehicles on the network Public roads and bridges.

The statement added that the council completed the first reading of a draft law to protect the railway and the report of the 'Services Committee and ages in order to reduce the overruns on the money the railway and property and protect the projects under construction and future projects aimed at developing the sector and protect the employees of the General Company for Railways of assault and threats.

The statement said that the Council has completed the first reading of the draft Law on the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and submitted by the Committee on Foreign Relations in order to strengthen the role of the Republic of Iraq in the international arena because of the new development and the lack of a law regulating the structure of the ministry in order to enable them to achieve their goals and carry out its responsibilities in the best way.

The statement noted: that the council ended the second reading of the draft law the First Amendment of the Law of the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs No. (8) for the year 2006, submitted by the Committee of Labour and Social Affairs.

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The statement concluded: that the President of the Council decided to adjourn the meeting to next Monday. / Finished / t. U /