Sadr threatens to withdraw from the National Alliance, unless the demands
20/10/2011 20:08

Baghdad, October 20 / October (Rn) - Sadr threatened Thursday to leave the coalition unless the national implementation of the demands of its leader, Moqtada al-Sadr's recent and demanded by the government to grant the people a share of the oil and the appointment of at least 50 people in the state departments.

The MP said Bahaa al-Sadr during a press conference in Baghdad that "the trend so far satisfied with the position of the government's policy towards the American side."

"In the case of the government caved in to Washington intending to do the current government will intervene to remove as contributed to the construction and composition."

The al-Araji, that "the condition of our survival within the National Alliance is to implement the demands called for by the Movement leader Moqtada al-Sadr's recent demanded by the granting of the people its share of oil and the appointment of at least 50 thousand people in government departments and to provide generators the civil fuel is free up to improve the electricity service in the country generally. "

"The current position that rejects the American presence is still in place and will not change," called on the government "not to agree to grant immunity to any U.S. troops and compensate the victims of the Iraqi people about the presence of occupation."