Mainframe customers service development seeks


General Manager Finance and credit in Central Bank Ihsan Al-yasiri: censorship now focused on private banks to contribute to the process of economic development through the development of customer service on in accordance with international standards and developments.

Yassiri stressed that in central partition named banking awareness and protection of the public to receive complaints from customers we also have special wetkimat international assessments for each bank, noting a hobbled banks in compliance with the requirements of the Central Bank in the fight against money laundering, pointing out that some of these departments misused funds investment banking clients.

The Central Bank requires banks defaulted on their deposits have and which ones you should pay their customer claims, pointing to the corrective action supports these banks, noting that in September of this year banks will have to deposit all the amounts recommended and total 820 billion dinars were supposed to deposit in their accounts during this period and to improve their performance and to appoint officials responsible for compliance and risk.

Deposit company

Attributing yasiri company to guarantee deposits to find some private banks in meeting the demands of some clients to withdraw some of their assets.

Yassiri said that the source of trading from 42 trillion limits are dinar Iraqi dinar in the banking system there is 15% and the rest in stock because people don't check their farewell at the Bank.

He said when setting up a company to guarantee deposits to invest large sums in chunky homes is what drives significant risks including theft or fire accidents or damaged banknotes would therefore this company guarantees deposits for public and contribute to the same banks in this company is a joint stock company and part of the State banks contribution to this company too mixed company legal status not important but important central bank supervision.

Coin auction

And about the currency auction drew yasiri to circumstances which Iraq has experienced since 1980 until now, especially in a period of international sanctions, out of real productive economy activity (agriculture and industry) waatmadali foreign currency import and only resource to the dollar, the Central Bank, so we meet the demands of traders to import each dollar for their needs.

Yassiri said:» we as central banks aim to activate the Iraqi economy through the concerted efforts of the sectoral ministries and coordinated with the Central Bank, such as supervisory institutions on import to reduce unnecessary imports for possible production indoors, Central, however, obliged to provide greenback to imported goods and Commodities traders, and also obliged to pay stock for personal requests, and corrected yasiri coin auction label b (window selling foreign currency), so his auction is another dollar available process for requesting for legitimate needs And true according to law, it is far from the concept of profit and loss, and no Central Bank in the nature of a nonprofit institution».