MP full-Dulaimi, calling for the convening the National Convention in Anbar

21/04/2012 PM - 2:30 PM | Hits: 4

Called the head of the correction were part of the full-Dulaimi, the Iraqi List, Saturday, the political forces to hold a national conference in Anbar province, and taken on the air directly in line with the wishes of the citizens, with student to resolve the three presidencies in the absence of the conference.

A full-Dulaimi during a press conference held at Parliament House, that "political forces differed among themselves on the venue of the National Congress between Baghdad and Erbil," calling the conference "in Anbar province."

He said al-Dulaimi, a deputy from the province of Anbar, that "the Iraqi citizens want Congress to deliver on the air," and urged "the solution of the three presidencies, or early elections in the absence of the success of politicians to hold the National Congress."