Assurances on the preparation of the country economically to join the World Trade Organization

04/21/2012 0:00

BAGHDAD - Al Sabah
great ambition to Iraq to join the World Trade Organization and which fall under its umbrella more than 154 countries under all the laws governing the work of their trade in accordance with strict controls,
regulating exports and imports of the country of quality, particularly that Iraq until today not been able to enter into the field of production the actual position to achieve their goals, the conditions of accession to this edifice the world is important.
economic expert sword Hilfi said that industrial production local in light of changes in the international face a series of challenges that represent the weakest link, and with the accelerated pace of globalization and the growing role of international economic organizations and industrial policies of developed countries , there are major changes re-mapping of production and trade in the world, as well as the changing global environment characterized by because of different demand and the emergence of new competitors competition and even in traditional sectors has become Tatmdaly quickly adapt to changing demand and the speed of the application of industrial technology within the confines of an increasingly open, and pointed out that most of the countries of the world has conducted a comprehensive review of the pattern of economic policy, including politics in order to be ready to face the changes taking place in the hunt for a location in a global economy Noazation major distributed between global trade liberalization and to obtain a outstanding technologies and all the other parameters, and only then became the concerns of capacity-building industrial competitiveness are the first Protozoa at the State level and at the level of the product to become the locomotive that pulls with all other variables in the economy, pointing it to the day in our country are not to know the true face of the economic policy governing economic action procedure.
He inherited the Iraqi economy in the current stage and the reality industrially a backward and shackled many of the problems and Moqat that limit its activity and its ability to work under the new economic policy which is characterized by free trade and the adoption of market mechanisms and economic criteria in the allocation of resources rather than administrative procedures which relied in the past, so the global trade liberalization under the World Trade Organization and increase its membership long will the effect that all sectors including industry and will put industrial goods in Iraq in front of difficult challenges and who lived within the confines of two things are important consists in that these goods were mostly intended for domestic consumption as part of a strategic manufacturing compensator to imports, and the enjoyment of protected customs for decades, and state control over the trade sector Foreign Affairs.
As for the problematic Iraq's accession to the WTO are different international trading environment faced by developing countries, including Iraq under the open competition much and the foundation of success is changing and the extent of international competition is hard to measure, and occupies foreign trade today the center of the concerns of countries in the world that they depend upon it frequently for gains important so that the question of joining the World Trade Organization (WTO) relies mainly on the possession of goods for a competitive advantage over goods similar in the global market, and remains of all legal and institutional framework that governs how Fiqdrh on access to markets, and here lies the problem because our country until today not been able to more than 10 percent of the conditions of accession.
expert Dr. Kamal Basri said: that the reality of Iraq's industry is the dominance of the public sector and atrophy of the private sector The public sector suffers from a failure of technology and weak sharp in productivity to the extent that forced the government to provide financial support, which exceeded 2 billion annually, indicating that the private sector lacks the necessary capital and expertise has reached the matter of the question, to do all of the province of Basra and Baghdad to stop dealing with him for the reasons mentioned.
He said that the entry of the organization will be encouraged to take what is necessary urgently to reform the industry on the basis of comparative advantage , is an attempt to bring out of trouble twice the industry position in the domestic market and overseas markets and derived from higher production costs and the failure of the lack of quality and the ingredients for success. That continuing the policies of protection does not represent a cure, but heeding the consecration of the failure. It also serves to support the continuation of the policy factor flabby inefficient at the expense of depriving the citizens enjoy the consumption of goods or service of good quality and favorable price. Add to this shall not have any of the laboratories Iraqi international quality certificate (ISO), but The short of that lack of enjoyment of plants and the processing and packaging dates Tozib international quality certificate (which is more than the long history of Iraqi Industries). It was so bad that it became the price of a bottle of water in the plant health laboratory of Jordan is less by 20 percent from the rate of methylation of Iraq, and should be reviewed here is to join the World Trade Mntma accurately all aspects of adoption and who serves phase of economic growth sought by the country.