Defense agree to resume civil Nasiriyah airport

8/17/2016 13:41

{Baghdad: Euphrates news}

Dhi, announced the approval of the Ministry of defence to resume working in civil and Nasiriyah airport allow civil defense teams in the province of Nasiriyah airport access to complete survey work and raise the projectiles.

He said the first Deputy Governor of Thiqar Adel aldkhili, in a statement received {Euphrates news}, copy, that the Defense Department formally agreed to resume civil airport in Nasiriyah during a joint meeting local government collection Qar with Defense Minister Khalid Al-Obaidi, an air force commander at the Iraqi Defense Ministry.

"The meeting was to discuss ways to expedite completion of civil and Nasiriyah airport get final approvals on continuing work at the airport," pointing to "take a number of actions undertaken by the local Government to maintain a joint record worked to ensure the completion of the work on the establishment of civil airport of Nasiriyah.

The Defense Ministry has barred civil defense teams in the province of Nasiriyah airport access to complete its work in clear and uplifting ballistics which befuddled Government preparations for the opening of the airport in September next, as planned by the Ministry of transport.

He was a member of the Board of Nasiriyah Airport Commission Dhi bonded undercover soldiers, confirmed in 28 of last July for {Euphrates news}, that "all actions of the opening of the airport and runway, and the tower and Gable's building official approvals and travelers had been completed by the competent ministries", noting that "the opening of the airport will coincide with a visit to absorb the momentum of the forty days since arriving passengers to the Holy".