Cultivation of local product: Diyala meat calves can cover the needs of all provinces

8/17/2016 13:42

{Baghdad: Euphrates news} revealed Vice-Chairman of the Committee on agriculture in the Diyala province Wednesday he denominator there meat calves merch can cover the needs of all provinces.

He said the Agency {Euphrates news} today, "Diyala has {23} big project for livestock development including gisani station in front of the cows, which contains {800} Dutch type, dairy cows and calves in fattening station hamidieh in Khan Bani Saad, which contain thousands of {10} hurry."

"During our visit to the fattening calves in hamidiya surprised that {430} calf became {10} thousands in very good health," calling on agricultural initiative to support such ventures fruitful and productive projects we didn't expect, in addition to these educators deserve pose and attribution. "

He continued saying that "what we saw was through the draft fattening calves we recognize that conservation could feed locally all Iraqi provinces we can cover domestic product meat calves and good quality.

And he said poultry, saying that "we have advanced projects in poultry farming, but we lack funds, so we demand serious pause Exchange funds.

Lastly, "today we support the livestock in Diyala province and geographical environment being poised to revive the animal environment plus the agricultural reality so we need to pause before the Ministry of agriculture to support banking facilities and agricultural initiative."

It is said that agricultural initiative include loans to farmers and peasants and secure production requirements of feed, fertilizer, seed and other below-market prices.
581 poultry field the Diyala had stopped completely before 2009 because of circumstances and security incidents in the province which impact heavily on the production of eggs and meat {as Diyala environment}