Maliki is playing egg and stone across a rapprochement with the "Alasaib"

Symbolic immortality of the Ameri

Took the Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki step is studied when he was allowed to regulate, "League of the Righteous" celebration in Tahrir Square and the establishment of the review and a special ceremony last January. Valtnzim militant, who had earlier announced that he would put down their arms and engage in the political process, it has become today the new partner of the owners on his way toward the next phase, especially in the provincial elections that are supposed to take place in 2013 the next, as well as the orientation profile for a third term in if he wins the support the provinces in question. But what al-Maliki did not realize, is that the paper "Alasaib" will not be profitable to him.
Accession "Alasaib" to the political process, Maliki wanted to look like the man who takes care of tolerant national reconciliation in the country and use the argument in the street, creating a balance between the Iraqi League of the Righteous and the Sadrist movement. But the move did not convince many, but showed al-Maliki look to hit the parties seeking each other and waiting for the results.
Began to split "Alasaib" or "private suite", as it was called the Mahdi Army in organizations founded by Sadr in the September / September of 2003, after the announcement of a freeze-Sadr, the Mahdi Army in 2007. It was the first seed in the different mechanisms of action, as deemed Alasaib step chest premature and they can visualize the current appearance of weakness. The Alasaib was engaged in conduct away from the Sadrists consider their approach, especially when it was revealed the involvement of sectarian Alasaib qualifier against the year between the years 2006-2008.
In 2007, The name "Alasaib" to the fore after the kidnapping expert information British Peter Moore and four of his bodyguards, and bartered after a year and a half set of her masters who have been taken out of prison, and was including its leader Qais Khazali, a senior aide to Sadr earlier, and Abdul Hadi al-Darraji, former spokesman for Sadr in Baghdad, who is out for the other tamed the Shiite leader and joined the "Alasaib."Moore has been delivered and the bodies of three of his guards for it. Incident embarrassed the young leader Moqtada al-Sadr, who considered it evidence disobedience and departure from obedience to his movement, what he paid to the Declaration of exonerating "Alasaib." Has emerged "Alasaib" Customize your chest for direct support from Iran, which is still supported, organized and armed. The point of no return in relations between the two trends began in 2010 when Sadr called "Alasaib" to step back and asked some supporters to return to the Sadrist movement, where some of them already returned, including Darraji.
In this context, closer to al-Maliki with the "Alasaib" reflect the current status of his relationship with the Sadrists. Near Maliki's Mehdi Army, which dramatically after he took office in 2006, has in 2007 under the guidance wrote a secret passed down some of the local media, to the allies of the Sadrist movement, calling for Muqtada al-Sadr to expel leaders of the Mahdi Army and deported to Iran because of a move to being targeted by U.S. forces. Has already paved the message to leave many of the leaders of the Mehdi Army, the country toward Iran, including "Abu shield" against the accused sectarian qualifying year and who subsequently joined the "Alasaib." But al-Maliki returned to back down from his position and launching himself in the March / March 2008 the "Charge of the Knights" military offensive against the Mahdi Army, which he had great influence in the cities of southern Iraq and the smuggling of Iraqi oil. The operation ended detention of hundreds of followers of the movement later in the cities of Nasiriyah, Diwaniyah, Karbala, and others. Iran has contributed significantly to the payment of the Sadrist movement to change his position and get him to support al-Maliki for a second term in 2010 Valtiar was rejecting the latter's return after a campaign of liquidation, which was to his supporters in the "Charge of the Knights."
It is clear that the accession of "Alasaib" al-Maliki wants to send a message to the Sadrists, who strained relationship with him again, he can rely on "Alasaib" an active supporter for him, as well as seeking to preserve the other hand on his relationship with Iran. But the move to open fire on the same additional points.
Maliki may have forgotten that the roots of the headbands in Iraq can not be compared with those obtained by the al-Sadr, which has 40 seats and seven parliamentarians and ministers. Did not distinguish residents of Sadr City in eastern Baghdad and southern cities (where the focus of greatest weight to the parties), but recently the "Alasaib" and the Sadrist movement, following the exchange of the two parties fire in Sadr City last June, in the confrontation was not announced in the media close to the government, and appeared in the independent ones.