Dictator Nuri al-Maliki
Badran, Ahmed Habib
Posted 19/04/2012 08:05 AM

No one disagrees that the tension and differences with Baghdad is not in favor of Kurdistan. Especially in these hazardous conditions now being experienced by the Middle East. It also is indisputable that the Kurdish problem in Iraq today, entered into the solution for the first time, and there is a large budget are in Kurdistan, despite the fact that budget revenues from Kurdistan itself. We also thanks to the harmony and safety, who created them, we started building our region and move towards a more advanced stage. It is also the first time in history, where the Kurds are part of the central authority in Iraq.

This is all true, but there the situation in Baghdad, which cause us every day in the anxiety and discomfort. Nuri al-Maliki has the authority during the two sessions of the rule of Skip, one step towards democracy, but on the contrary, it is clear that this man's past towards a dictatorship. We Iraqis know how to make the dictator, arms and acquisitions on revenue and the omission of the rights of others and arrogance and monopoly power, are all signs of the emergence of a new dictatorship. Apart from this, there is the omission to seek to provide the needs of basic life such as water, electricity and others, in the period of the Arab summit conference in Baghdad showed that power, if she wants to able to since the time of the imposition of safety and security and prevented the shedding of all the bloodshed in Iraq. Is not a dictator does not need centuries to the wings to know and do not deny it when we find him. Here is Maliki turns into a dictator in broad daylight. The seized proceeds of Kurdistan today, tomorrow it Sazhv them with his army.

Not in the interest of any of the components of Iraq, the emergence of a new dictator in Iraq. Even our fellow Shiites, who make up two thirds of the population as a whole and Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki belongs to them, do not want to get it. In the near past fallen dictator Saddam Hussein, Sunni Arabs did not go crazy in Iraq beyond Saddam's horrors, when he was a dictator in power and after that it lost power. The areas of the Sunni Arab Iraq today, and in his days, one of the most backward areas. So to assure that the emergence of a new dictatorship in Iraq was not in one's interest.

The right of Kurds to seek the development of democracy that has emerged in Iraq after the fall of Saddam's dictatorship.Rather, it is the duty of the Kurds, because the Kurdish political movement along the twentieth century was Npras Democratic Movement in Iraq. And President Massoud Barzani, who dedicated his life in the Kurdish political movement, bears more than other leaders responsibility to meet the emission of dictatorship in Iraq. It is in addition to being the president-elect of the people of Kurdistan and speaks and acts on our behalf.Massoud Barzani, the president trusted the Iraqis and is considered one of symbols of national struggle. Defense for President Tariq al-Hashimi is not a defense of the accused, as some see, the issue is larger than the issue of the accused. The President is responsible to the law and the Constitution they swore to preserve, and this law and the Constitution came to build a society and the state Democrats. Nuri al-Maliki is trying to men close to him and the media, issues, turned over upside down in the eyes of Iraqis. It is unfortunate that the Kurdish media, too, sometimes slip out of ignorance and myopia towards those of the abyss. Will not defend a Tariq al-Hashemi said was guilty, but I doubt that if the guilty punished proud recipient of one day. Saddam did not escape with impunity, and where al-Hashemi of Saddam? But the problem is between Arbil and Baghdad, the largest and must be seen as they are.Emission dictator brings us back to the starting point.

From here I am with the position of President Barzani, the matter should be resolved now with Nuri al-Maliki and fill it the way before he became a dictator can not be controlled. Big-budget that comes from Baghdad, Kurdistan is a revenue, not an honor to think of Baghdad in one of them cut, although the honor Vstnqta days. Baghdad do not agree with the law of oil and gas, Kurdistan, and does not accept the fact that the Peshmerga force defending Kurdistan, and does not accept to have a Kurdistan independent financial resources, and refuses to return the areas deducted occupied by Saddam's aggression to Kurdistan, and these rights are contained, all in the Constitution of Iraq. The Iraqi Prime Minister acting as if the others begging at the door of his father's house.

It is, take weapons and materiel are many, and what did not Astrha build it? There is no doubt that it is not intended for non-Iraqis. We must not forget that the Middle East is moving now towards a major conflict. The conflict between Iran and Turkey in the era of Arab weakness, struggle for control of the occupiers on the land and waters of the region, the conflict is being repeated under the slogan "This historic conflict between Shiites and Sunnis," which dates back to 500 years from now.

It is true that the Kurds are not, and will never be part of the sectarian conflict. Vllcard a national issue and the social. Kurds fighting for access to their national rights and the removal of social injustice, but there is a reality which is that the region close to every day of the conflict, which we mentioned before.Even if you behave Xana, they deal with you on the basis of being a Sunni. This is the future of a threat to all the people of Iraq, which is milled to the injustice of Basra, Erbil, so everyone must stand from Erbil to Basra behind President Barzani, and help prevent the return of dictatorship to power. Everyone from Erbil to Basra, in need of a modern life to live as humans live under the safety and well-being to their homeland with dignity, not to return to the slogans of national narrow-mindedness and fanaticism.

Director General of the Kurdistan News Agency (Rn)