Lay off deputies ..! ..

19/04/2012 PM - 10:53 AM | Hits: 10

Qasim Agrh

Finally it became clear that the Iraqis may have committed a grave mistake cost them a monthly sum of money amounting to one billion and eight hundred and seventy-five million dinars exactly are the salaries of 125 deputies redundant!! It has become customary to hold its meetings in the presence of the House of Representatives [200] only in Vice did not attend to this meeting, and the rest Almtthelh excess number which we have referred to!!

Because we are interested in following up the performance of Achternahm to represent the people in the day when Iraqis committed this mistake, we call correct the error without delay, citing the following facts:

The first is that the number absent to attend a gain of 31% of the number of deputies elected a higher percentage than any percentage of any Council taking place in the absence of a representative in the world.

The second is that this ratio indicate that there is a number assigned to contempt of duty by the absent absent.

Third: It seems the size of the number absent, things can go to the front without the need for them to walk those things, and therefore we do not need them, and we can convert what we spend on them from the cost include the monthly amount which we have referred to above, plus their benefits Social costs of maintaining their presence "blessed!", to other destinations more useful, such as to build three schools in this amount each month instead of mud schools that we accept that our children remain where year after year, for the sake of the eyes absent ..

Four: it appears that the officer does not control their goal of their participation in shaping our future, and that we can put such a officer, the logic we need to "demobilize" absent ..!

V: the percentage of representation of the people and the list on the basis of a representative for each one hundred thousand rate is realistic, we are not thirty-two and a half million citizens, and may not go beyond thirty million in any way, nor that

Rate moderate, it is the proportion of the people more like the people of Russia or China, and enough 150 deputies can control them and following them, rather than be left to the conscience that we can not be assured control by not less than 31%!!, As evidenced by the absence of 31% of the deputies' Most of the meetings of the Council the Bible, and ... "Father God bless his soul" ..

Before peace talk: Do not waste your time in repeating that the world owes you something .. The world owes you something not because he was ... thread got the idea, "Mu" ...!