Dahlaki: Department of the security services acting on the most important causes of explosions .. And the designation of the Ministers of Interior and Defense have become a necessity

19.04.2012 | (Voice of Iraq) - add comment -
Baghdad (news) The MP said the coalition in Iraq Raad Dahlaki, the Department of the Ministry of security proxy one of the most important reasons for the bombings that occurred today, calling on Maliki not to Altthbt power, especially the security ministries. He Dahlaki (of the Agency news) said on Thursday that the management of ministries and security services sensitive acting by Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, one of the important reasons for the bombings that occurred today, it is not Almcol and logic that manages one person more than (10) positions are sensitive to the unit. He pointed out: that the bombings today show the failure of al-Maliki of running the security file, calling on leaders of the blocks the political to the fastest to hold the National Congress and the designation of Ministers, security, before the deterioration of the security situation further. said Iraqi MP: that the political crisis and the dominance of Maliki's security file, and the survival and Zrata Interior and Defense Agency of the most important reasons for the bombings that took place today, however, saying: it has become necessary label interior and defense ministers. this and hit the capital Baghdad and other provinces shaken by a series of explosions killed dozens of deaths and injuries, in light of the continued political crisis.

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