Maliki gives green light to bomb Kurdistan, the Kurdish leaders to discipline

19/10/2011 PM - 9:29 p.m. | Hits: 1381

According to private sources in the prime minister told the Shatt al-Arab that the Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki gave the green light to Turkey's leadership in the bombing of the Kurdistan region.

The sources said that a secret envoy to Iraqi Prime Minister met days before the leaders of Turkish security and expressed approval of the Iraqi government to the shelling of border areas and conduct limited military operations in order to reduce the activities of the PKK exhibitions.

The source added that the justification for the Iraqi government to her Turkish counterpart sum up not to the government's ability to fight the PKK and the inability to manage affairs in northern Iraq under Kurdish region, therefore, the Government considers that the Turkish army will be the only one capable of keeping the border and fight against PKK terrorism.

The source said that Maliki revealed to those close to him that he intended to give the green light for the purpose of disciplining the Turkish military and Kurdish leaders and their status in the critical angle in order to resort to more flexible methods with the government and make more concessions and the withdrawal of some of the demands prohibitive.

It is noted that Kurdish leaders had accused the Iraqi government to hold secret deals with the Turkish government to permit it bombed Kurdistan and the incursion.

The Iraqi media sources revealed a limited incursion of Turkish army in the Kurdish areas and bombing other areas within the plan to fight the PKK.