Leaders of the blocs agree on a mechanism for the work of independent bodies

Date: Thursday, 04.19.2012 9:17

Baghdad / long
held the Presidency of the Council of Representatives on Wednesday met in the hall the Constitutional Council included heads and representatives of parliamentary blocs to discuss the status of independent bodies and the draft law of the Federal Court.
confirmed Osama Najafi House Speaker at the start of the meeting which was attended by Mr. Aref Tayfur Vice President of the Council on the importance of preserving the Constitution and the protection and independence of the independent bodies pointing out the precise relationship with the executive branch for several reasons, including lack of clarity of the Constitution in some joints and the pursuit of the Council in building democratic life in the country.

For his part, head of the Virtue stressed that the faction leaders reached an agreement on the work of independent bodies by placing them three mechanisms.
and said in a statement to the Department of Media House of Representatives had term, a copy of President Nujaifi stressed the importance of completing legislation that facilitates the work of independent bodies and the development of structural full her, calling on the relevant committees to make more efforts in order to accomplish the laws on bodies, noting that "understanding with the government is important to resolve the issue of sending the names of candidates for positions in the independent bodies, including the Federal service in addition to the need to speed up the House of Representatives to ratify the candidates of grades own. "
The meeting agreed - according to the statement - "the importance of the completion of constitutional laws and provide the names of candidates for degrees for those working for the agency in the ministries and state institutions as well as the identity of views on the need to speed the enactment of the Federal Court and in accordance with the Constitution through to reach a reconciliatory vision about the points of difference .
and in the same context, stressed the head of the Virtue parliamentary MP Ammar Tohme that the conferees agreed to establish a mechanism for the work of independent bodies made ​​up of three main points urges first point on the need to speed up the Parliament to ratify the heads of those bodies that most of them working for the agency, while confirming the second paragraph on adoption of legislation relating to these bodies and that the presidency of the Council will give the committees primary legislation relevant laws, as well as adoption of a mechanism makes the executive and legislative branches Mtaaontin with each other, through regular meetings between the two authorities and the formation of joint committees between the three presidencies to address any attraction could happen. However, Tohme that everyone did not object to this mechanism, including a coalition of state law that the mechanism developed by the leaders of the blocks of constitutional and relied on the principle of political consensus. As for the law of the Federal Court said Tohme, "This law is one of the laws strategy had to be there to be reviewed of the law in detail. "
said Tohme said the point of contention only objected to the law by the masses the leaders of the blocks are related to scholars of jurisprudence the law, and experts of jurisprudence where the reach attendees to the formulaic principle that the laws pertaining to law what that conflicted with the policies of the state has the right experts jurisprudence that the swoop of this law, and for the laws pertaining to freedom and democratic, secular trends, to veto law scholars as well.