Law and the Liberal: No secret deals with the Kurds
19/10/2011 15:54

Baghdad, October 19 / October (Rn) - denied a coalition of state law and the free mass of the Sadrist movement Wednesday, the existence of any secret agreements with the Kurdistan Alliance took place during the joint meetings.

The head of the citizens of the Supreme Council Baqer al-Zubaidi said in an interview broadcast on Sumerian subway yesterday that there were secret agreements between state law and the Sadrist movement, and between the Kurdistan Alliance and the rule of law on the other hand does not know anything about the Supreme Council.

The MP said the coalition of state law, Khalid al-Asadi told the Kurdish news agency (Rn) that "there are agreements took place between us and the Kurdistan Alliance, which announced in the media and these agreements were As alliance national and not state law, and part of the Supreme Council."

Asadi said that "the 26 points agreed upon a Kurd, and the Supreme Council fully informed by the Convention and acknowledged within the coalition announced it to everyone."

The MP said the Liberal block Alshahyla Jawad (Rn) "There is no substance to these agreements, it is just words untrue."

The Al-Zubaidi said that the Kurds are one of the ministers told him the existence of a secret agreement with the state law contains paragraph 26 and not 19 paragraph as rumored in the media recently.

Zubaidi said that the Supreme Council does not know anything about the details of the confidentiality agreements or undeclared, which took place in Erbil, or even confidentiality agreements or bilateral between state law and the Sadr movement in spite of being partners in the National Alliance.