Central Bank governor left for Monetary Fund Meeting, not fleeing, sources

Aswat Al Iraq - [4/16/2012]

Close sources to the Central Bank of Iraq's Governor denied reports that the Governor fled the country.

Governor Sinan al-Shibibi left for Switzerland to meet his family before heading to USA to attend spring meeting of the Monetary Fund, as reported to Aswat al-Iraq.

Iraqi media reported that Shibibi fled the country with important documents related to the secrets of the CBI.

There are deep rooted differences within the Iraq government on the monetary policy adopted by CBI, following the charges that the bank failed to contain the financial exchange of Iraqi dinar-US dollar crisis.

The CBI countered these accusations that the fluctuation in dinar prices was due to the deteriorating situations in Iran and Syria, which necessitated more dollars in the market.

It put some regulations to control the money exchange for the real Iraqi merchants not "the ghost dealers".

Some of the political blocs criticized the government for trying to control the reserves of the CBI, which are estimated to 60 billion dollars.