Preparatory conference a week slowed the blocks to make the final papers

Date: Monday 16/04/2012 10:25

 Baghdad / range
, although the general indicators do not suggest that there is a possibility to hold a national conference at an early date, but that the Preparatory Committee gave political blocs, one week for the submission of its developments.
member of the Preparatory Committee for the National Alliance pointed out that the blocks represented on the Committee preparations, and therefore express their proposals and their vision. The MP said Ammar Tohme by telephone (range) on "The

Preparatory Committee and after that held more than 6 meetings examined the agenda and the structure and themes, leaving only two points are the subject of the disagreement, which is linked to the order, namely: What has not been implemented, of the Convention of Erbil, and emerging problems, "he said Tohme," A team finds that there is a differentiation between these two points and is therefore different forms of rise to be problematic, "explained Tohme, the Committee is concerned with access to the formats agreed upon by everyone and that summed up the mechanisms and the agenda and safeguards associated with that demanded by some of the blocks. for the possibility of setting a date for the conference assured Tohme" is not important to hold the conference, but its success, "revealing that the place and time of the conference and will be invited to the terms of reference of the President, as a sponsor for him.
On the other hand, spokesman of the Kurdistan Alliance, the lack of final agreement on the agenda. MP said a pro-Tayeb in a telephone conversation with (range) yesterday, "The Iraqi requested to attend the leaders of the first row, and because more of the character of them were out of Iraq postponed the meeting, which was hoped to be held on the fifth of April." The good that the Preparatory Committee and having held many meetings, they did not reach to the ends of a good reason for this is that they are not decision-makers and the best - and the talk was still of good - to meet decision-makers save time and effort. "
deputy of the Iraqi List, said that the depth of the differences exceeded conferencing, and that his contract has become double-edged sword. The MP said Talal Zobaie in a telephone conversation with (range) yesterday, "We have become in a difficult exam, and it seems that we either want to delude ourselves, or deceive the people, and politicians must understand thoroughly that the temporary solutions have become a curse on them, and throw the ball in the court of the other is not longer useful ".
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