Yasiri: national strategy to combat corruption and found effective solutions and process to citizen corruption no one dared to inferiority of them

The head of the board of integrity Hassan al - Yasiri, in a lecture part in a seminar held today Sunday, 07/31/2016 at the Iraqi Anti - Corruption Academy attended by jurists, journalists and specialists in the field of strategy formulation, that the preparation of the federal budgets for previous years , the laws of the way was the cause of the waste of public money stressing that the old method used in the development of budgets contained many weaknesses, calling for the replacement of the old ways that are placed by the budget laws, pointing out that the national anti - corruption strategy for the years 2016 - 2020 and found effective solutions, practical and courage of many of the citizens of corruption, which have not dare one in the past on the inferiority of them.

He pointed out that the strategic diagnosed phenomena of corruption involving the institutions and ministries of state, and found practical solutions to other phenomena of corruption unique to other institutions and ministries without the other, they returned the corruption of government ports and the appointment of persons incompetent in important government positions, and rounded relatives, excessive expenses and appointments outside controls, among the manifestations of corruption , which was diagnosed by the Authority and addressed in this strategy.

Yasiri and went on to the vision that campaign national strategy to combat corruption , which aspires to an Iraq dominated by integrity and good governance, warning of entrusting the regulatory agencies the task of managing to people who are not characterized by courage and bravery, noting that the responsibility for the maintenance of public money and prevent wasting it should be entrusted to people who are brave and fear losing position or advantages it offers.

Turning to the process that came in the strategy which included open the files of corruption solutions, activating principle (Where did you get this?) And follow - up of illicit enrichment and the development of a central point for the implementation of government contracts, and border control, and the adoption of the budget projects and surplus, and energize the private sector, the sale of projects unprofitable to employees .. and other practical proposals addressed by the strategy, warning Turning to topics accurate and realistic.

Attendees concluded the need to mobilize the national media and public opinion; for the approval of the National Anti - Corruption Strategy for ordinary (2016 - 2020) , which is a leader, not on the level of Iraq but also at the regional and international levels.

The board of integrity has announced the beginning of the month of July for the completion of a draft national anti - corruption strategy for the years (2016 - 2020) and sent to the Council of Ministers; with a view to