In memory of the crime of the Anfal
President Talabani: stick to the democratic option in the state on the basis of justice and brotherhood
Baghdad / follow-up justice - 16/04/2012 - 9:28 p.m.

Said President Jalal Talabani in his memory of the crime of the Anfal on the importance of establishing the principles of democracy in the country and prevent the return of dictatorship.

And the transfer of a presidential statement on President Talabani said, "restores our people at this time the memory of a heinous crime committed by the dictatorial regime against our people, the anniversary of the crime of the Anfal, which was the lives of elders, women and children died under the yoke of fascism criminal did not hesitate to commit the worst crimes in history .

"and added that" the crime of the Anfal that expressed in a grotesque about the tendency of criminal disguised for the most basic human values, which affected the Kurdish people is an expression of how sparingly the power in arbitrariness and tyranny which leave behind a history black tarnish its crimes in the Anfal and Halabja and the mass graves and Alapadat experienced by regions different in the country, which push our juniors a high price before they wake up the human and the human community on this propensity criminal and the great sacrifices that were offering the Iraqis for their freedom and their dignity and their peace.

"He said Talabani" regain our memory of these crimes in order to show more patience and determination to move forward Boukyarena Democrat who does not allow the past Black to come in and preserving the values ​​of life and humanity, justice, peace and freedom, "adding that" the greatest fulfillment provided by our people now to the martyrs of Anfal and Halabja and uprising and mass graves and the martyrs of the prison and all the sacrifices we have made is to uphold the democratic option and to continue building on the foundations of justice and brotherhood and goodness, love and peace.