Allawi presents 3 options to resolve the crisis one of them to replace al-Maliki and
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Thread: Allawi presents 3 options to resolve the crisis one of them to replace al-Maliki and

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    Allawi presents 3 options to resolve the crisis one of them to replace al-Maliki and

    Allawi presents 3 options to resolve the crisis one of them to replace al-Maliki and Hashimi shows that will return to Erbil

    Sunday, April 15 / April 2012 19:46

    Baghdad {: News} Euphrates put the Iraqi leader Iyad Allawi 3 options to end the political crisis, one of them to choose an alternative to the National Alliance of Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki.He said in a newspaper interview published on his "

    " We talked about three options for the truth, the first option is to achieve full national partnership came as a prompt to the Convention of Arbil and abide by the constitution contrary to what the brother says the prime minister who does not abide by the constitution. "
    "As this matter other than the National Alliance are invited to choose a prime minister last frames of the National Coalition itself and the third option for early elections to be decent for the Iraqi people the final say in what must happen and must receive the reins of power in Iraq.

    Allawi said: "These three options, and the case now are on the Iraqi political spectrum and there is a clear escalation of all parties that if these things have not been clearly see that Iraq is exclusivity provision will travel trends for serious regret."Allawi said that "there is no difference between the invitation of President Jalal Talabani and the invitation of President Massoud Barzani and it's the same call and there is no conflict between the two cases, but there is integration between the two cases and there is no conflict between them when he said:" We support the Iraqi National Congress and we support what has been agreed upon to discuss this Conference dismantling of the crisis and the implementation of the Erbil and draw a road map for the future of Iraq to be democratic future Atzll human rights and the rule of law.

    And about the differences that thwarted the work of the Preparatory Committee as the Committee has been working for a period prior to the Summit of Arab and so far commented: "Frankly, part of the state law put the stick in front of any political agreement in Iraq, as they put the stick in front of the Agreement on the national partnership, named initiative of Arbil on Following the initiative of Massoud Barzani, brother, Tmalsoa of all that has been signed and the truth Maawa trends in the national partnership and what is happening at the national conference over the question of what happened in the national partnership agreement and Erbil.

    He continued: "The agreement Arbil entire agreement unconstitutional and I think breaches of government and the brother of Prime Minister of the Constitution are very clear and there constitutional issues stipulated by the Constitution, for example, but not limited to the rules of procedure of the Council of Ministers and the political balance in appointments and that the House of Representatives recognizes the names and candidates for the commanders and chiefs security and senior state officials in the civilian sector, and so Fajriq Constitution gets at the hands of the prime minister and brother of state law or part of the rule of law, unfortunately.

    With regard to differences of Arbil and Baghdad, especially in an oil, he replied Dr. Allawi: "It is the right of Baghdad that does not reject anything that has a right to seek to pass a law for the oil and gas and the law of distribution of financial wealth in Iraq and this subject is essential, and we consider to be central, and Iraq has long sought to pass these laws, who will solve deep problems taken is generated between the Kurdistan region and the federal government, knowing that in the year 2007 was adopted a political document says that in the case of a failure to approve oil and gas law it is the right of the Kurdistan region on 31 May 2007 to work specific agreements with companies and be the proceeds of what is agreed upon to the central treasury, this topic is part of a serious problem experienced by Iraq because of the failure of the Iraqi administration in the development of clear laws and streamline the relationship between the federal government and the Kurdistan region and the federal government and other provinces not with the Kurdistan only, and that is why the calls began to take its way, unfortunately, provinces to implement the project from now. "On the subject of arrest Faraj al-Haidari and legality, Allawi said:

    "The subject of his arrest was politically motivated and that is clear and this is part of the continuing confiscation of the democratic approach, which is supposed to have started in Iraq, and this logic, we believe that this action constitutes a serious great too on the path of the political process and occurs by Mr. Muqtada al-Sadr was in the liver of the truth, I think the brother prime minister said he knew it a problem in this matter, and that he does not know it a bigger problem, the level of head of the person arrested in this way the elections at the end of week, and without that there was any precedent, it is something very dangerous especially as the House of Representatives Speaker of the Parliament do not know this, note that the House of Representatives a few months ago a decision was made ​​clearly to keep this institution associated with the decision of the people and linked to the Council of Representatives and independent and have no relationship of administrative power in Iraq.

    On the subject of the return to Kurdistan Tareq al-Hashemi said Dr. Iyad Allawi said, "will come back to Kurdistan and will be back to Erbil, which is currently in Turkey for treatment and at the same time for political consultation with officials of the Turks". Ended


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