Deputy for the National Alliance: The Constitution is the standard of the National Congress and not a convention Erbil
On: Sun 04/15/2012 14:50

Baghdad (news) .. According to the State of Law coalition member MP / National Alliance / Batoul Farouk that the Constitution is the main criterion for the conference and not the national convention of Erbil.

Farouk said (of the Agency news) on Sunday: that the problem of the National Congress on its agenda, there are those who wanted to put the agreement are standard Erbil to discuss political issues and some of them wanted to put the constitutional standard.

She added that the National Alliance wants the Constitution is the standard and not as the Erbil Convention ended and include clauses unconstitutional, pointing out that the first paragraph of the Convention provides that the Arbil all agreements submitted to the Constitution and agrees that the Constitution takes it and vice versa.

She pointed out: that the state law was to convene a conference or national gathering brings together all the political blocs, including the media, but Turahqat obstructed Congress in the last period. / End /