Integrity check electrical transformers deal and refers to justice officials

2016-07-23 at 15:58

Baghdad the balance of news

Fair body, revealed Saturday, opening a questioning adapters in Mew refer to justice officials.

The statement said the Commission received/balance news/copy, "investigated the electric converters deal was between MEW and Swedish ABB company included Swedish electricity company processing Basra some 400 KV" Transformers "about off $ 9 million and referred to Justice Ministry officials," revealing "offer six transformers to exuding in their engines after it installed which forced the Swedish company to try to address the issue after its discovery by welding but this process failed and why Benefit from the transformers to strengthen national electricity system.

They drew the body, that "investigations led to stop release" 8,731,700 "eight million seven hundred and thirty-one thousand seven hundred dollars was intended to Exchange as company benefits after pitching transformers, asserting that" assignment of Deputy Minister for electricity and a number of Directors at the Ministry.

The Commission noted that "its investigation of the case prompted the Ministry of electricity to confiscate the guarantee letter which was the Swedish company had made to ensure the completion of the transaction and the Bank approached the guarantee letter b Yeh refund transaction to the State Treasury.

It is said that engender integrity announced mid-August of last year about the author field teams achieve Yeh probe tainted by suspicions of corruption ministries files, including the files of the Ministry of electricity, resulting in several memorandums brining and catch a travel ban against top officials in the Ministry.