Albzoni: Al-Maliki our single form the next Government

Thursday 12 April 2012

Follow-up-protect- detect National Alliance, said Thursday that current Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki was the only candidate to form the next Government, the current Government returned the "best" among the formations since 2003.

He said independent MP in the National Alliance in an interview Javed albzoni that Al-Maliki now only candidate National Alliance has so far not submitted any person himself as irreplaceable in the Alliance to assume the Premiership in the next electoral cycle, stressing that the Constitution allows for Maliki to stand for a third term.

Albzoni pointed out that there are names on the table within the Alliance for the post of Prime Minister in the next session, but the best is being able to improve indeed Maliki lives and service in the country, indicating that the current Government, which is headed by Al-Maliki is best among Governments that followed the change.

He albzoni that it was not the right opponents Al-Maliki of other blocks objectionable to stand for a third term as the largest bloc has gained the confidence of the National Alliance, but if the political process will be new alliances for each incident.

Select two consecutive Iraqi Constitution the President of the Republic, left open to the Presidency of the Council of Ministers, political blocs sought in the current parliamentary session to submit the proposed Act to define two terms as Prime Minister.