Friday 13 April 2012

Deputy National Alliance reveals new agreement to close a file security ministries during the week

Follow-up-control. } MP Hussein Alwan on block a liberal agreement within the National Alliance decided to close the file and run the security ministries wezati defence and interior portfolios during the next week.

Overshadowing the political landscape of the country differences and conflicts between certain political blocs, particularly between the Iraqi list Coalition State law because some files as security ministries and others, accompanied by a high tone and spastic by some politicians which impact in increasing the size differences.

Alwan said that "National Alliance at its last meeting the security ministries decided to close the file once and demanded the Iraqi list to nominate one new personalities to take the post of Ministry of defence".

"The National Alliance now has two candidates for the Ministry of the Interior, and in the event of new Iraqi candidate acceptance will pick one candidate from National Alliance