Fears of a re-application of the death penalty after the attempted military coup in Turkey

Luxembourg warns Turkey: Do not join the European Union with the death penalty

Luxembourg Foreign Minister Jan Asselborn warned the Turkish government to re-apply the death penalty after the attempted military coup in Turkey.
Asselborn said in remarks for the second channel of the German Television (ZDF) Monday: "If the application of the death penalty in a candidate to join the union state, it will stop the accession negotiations for this country." It should be noted that the Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said after the military coup attempt failed he would hold talks with the opposition soon about the reintroduction of the death penalty. At the same time, Asselborn criticized the isolation of thousands of judges in Turkey immediately after the coup attempt, he said: "It is strange that some three thousands of a judge is isolated after a few hours of the coup attempt," he said, adding that it should respect the principle of separation of powers in state law. Asselborn said that instead of stirring emotions and the use of rhetoric in reaction to the attempted coup, Turkey must now ask itself critical look how it came to this attempt. It should be noted that EU foreign ministers would discuss during their meeting today in Brussels the latest developments in Turkey.