Iranian Foreign Minister: Americans are weak commitment to the nuclear deal

Foreign Minister of Iran, if we want to evaluate the nuclear deal, it certainly will get a very good evaluation because of the circumstances temporal and international circumstances, but if we want to assess the commitment of the Americans , it is likely to get a weak level.
He said Mohammad Javad Zarif said in an interview on the assessment of the nuclear deal one year after the signing: if we want to evaluate the nuclear deal, it is certain he will get a very good evaluation because of the circumstances temporal and international circumstances, but if we want to evaluate how to implement the Americans , it is likely to get Weak level.
He Zarif: from the temporal, the associated initial agreement negotiations began at a time when Congress approves once every few months on a new ban against Iran, noting that these negotiations began at a time when Congress and the House of Representatives has approved a bill that wants to bump up to the House Senate, aim to reduce Iran 's oil exports to zero, where the Americans managed to reduce their Iranian oil exports of more than 5.2 million barrels to less than one million barrels per day .. and this law as if ratified in the Senate will not be possible to suspend because it needs a two - thirds vote of Congress.
He continued that the nuclear deal was signed at a time when Iran issued against 6 - binding UN Security Council resolutions under Chapter VII in the effort to prevent us from our right to nuclear energy for peaceful purposes.
He completed Zarif , saying: When the negotiations that led to the nuclear deal began, we were not in conditions to help the international level, where Iran has been at the tip of six world powers in another party backed by the UN Security Council, the European Union and many of the world 's centers of power , including financial and media.
A: If you look at the nuclear deal from these two angles ( the envelope temporal and international circumstances) , it is very important for the Islamic Republic of Iran gain where Sun pride of the people, and received official recognition of their rights and removed the UN Security Council resolutions and prevented the ratification of the new ban against our country .. It also removed the former ban linked to the nuclear program completely prevented progress ban linked to US domestic law.
In response to a question: Is this the meaning described the nuclear agreement to open Fotouh, confirmed Zarif: In my opinion , he opened Fotouh Iranian people, has proven that he can not impose order on the people through the press, but it is open Fotouh negotiators, both; of course , the negotiators do their best and benefited from the wisdom of the President and support the resistance of the people and his supplication and , above all, the guidance and the prayers of His Eminence the commander of the holy and the grace of God to the revolution, and were able to reach an agreement.
He pointed Zarif That is why there is a great criticism in Congress , the US administration that it has lost many of the mechanisms and decisions against Iran and that Iranians were able to change the decision in 1929 against the missile program of Iran and turn it into a non - binding resolution and inventory ban missiles carrying nuclear warheads.
Incidentally description Zarif , the last position of the Secretary General of the Organization of the United Nations Ban Ki - moon on Iran 's missile program as baseless, and said: Unfortunately, the Secretary - General of the United Nations did not leave a very good precedent for itself over the past years, especially on the subject of the abolition of Saudi Arabia from the list of countries it is deadly for children himself announced that he was the most difficult decisions throughout his life has left a very bad impact on the reputation of the United Nations Organization.