Kurdistan: A delegation of the county in Baghdad to resolve the outstanding issues

Date: Thursday, 12/04/2012 10:34

 Baghdad / range
stressed that the Kurdistan Alliance, a delegation representing the Government of the Territory will arrive in Baghdad within days to discuss outstanding issues with the central government. The MP said Qassim Mohammed, said the Kurdistan Region Government headed by the new Nechirvan Barzani formed a negotiating committee to call a permanent federal government, and that the task of the delegation will visit Baghdad in the next few days go rounds of negotiations with officials "under the appropriate atmosphere for dialogue."

He welcomed the MP for the coalition of state law Haitham Jubouri visit the delegation negotiating, and he believed the possibility of resolving the dispute between Baghdad and Erbil, the adoption of the Constitution.
saw the relationship between Baghdad and Erbil recently significant tension due to the escalating tone of the exchange of accusations between the two parties on the production and export of oil, as well as other issues concerning the application of agreement Erbil.
as Vice Kordestani said his bloc supported the dismissal of Deputy Prime Minister for Energy, Hussein al-Shahristani, from his position on the background of "bad" management of the energy sector (oil, electricity) during his time on the pyramid of responsibility.
revealed parliamentary committee tasked with investigating the contracts of the Ministry of Electricity in time former for its recommendation to dismiss al-Shahristani and five other employees less degree of it against the backdrop of the deterioration of the reality of power in the report was commissioned by.
and served al-Shahristani - who heads the bloc "independents" falls under the State of Law Coalition led by Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki - the post of oil minister in the previous government took over management of Ministry of Electricity and the Agency following the sacking of its minister Previous thunder waterfall of the office.
said Farhad Atrushi Alliance, and member of the investigative file of contracts for electricity that "al-Shahristani took over two years ago, the chairmanship of the Energy Committee of Ministers and before that took over management of the Ministry of Oil in the previous government There has been no improvement on the file of energy."
He Atrushi that "al-Shahristani is not fit for the post of Deputy Prime Minister for Energy is the time to change it with other people."
He Atrushi hope that "are removed the political side on the issue of dismissal of al-Shahristani, from his post because the file is not related to the differences of the Kurdistan Alliance with al-Shahristani, but the issue is related contracts fake and done, etc. There numbers are documented. "
and Atrushi that "there are people from the National Alliance are outraged by the actions of al-Shahristani, and there is important information that the Committee set up to investigate contracts and the Ministry of Electricity, consisting of eight members headed by a member of the National Alliance, in which one member of the Kurdistan Alliance."