Kurdish rally demanding Maliki to "actual interference" to stop the threats Muhammadawi
Editor: CC | GS Tuesday 10 نيسان 2012 07:23 GMT

Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces Nouri al-Maliki
Sumerian News / Baghdad student gathering Kurd, on Tuesday, the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces Nuri al-Maliki to intervene "actual" to stop the threats of the Secretary-General of the coalition of the Sons of Iraq those who care about Abbas Muhammadawi, while considered his statements about the Kurds and Kurdistan, "transcended and Tgnaa", called on all Iraqis to not to be drawn behind those who incite murder and nationalist.

said the Secretary General of the pool supporters to change Muhammad Mandarin in a statement released today, and received "Alsumaria News," a copy of it, that "statements Muhammadawi called the naming Arhabustan on the territory of Kurdistan bypass and avoid clear on the region, the land of martyrs and Anfal , "saying it" reflects the same chauvinism toward this people freedom fighter. "

The Mandarin that "all the political groups united in rejecting such words, the judiciary and the law is the one who will be the dividing line between us and the Muhammadawi," and urged the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces Nouri al-Maliki to "intervene actual immediately to stop the threats Muhammadawi and violations of legal and constitutional. " and called Mandarin Muhammadawi to "review the constitution to make sure that all those who incite nationalism and sectarian falls under the threat of terrorism," and urged all Iraqis "not to be dragged behind so people who incite murder and nationalist appeals to people's feelings in order to obtain political gains narrow serve only himself. "

The new Mandarin's call in (April 7, 2012) to the House of Representatives Kurds to prosecute Muhammadawi charges of "terrorism", stressing the need to "go to the judiciary in all seriousness to file a lawsuit against Muhammadawi and his who incite the murder of any segment of Iraqi society, "stressing his support," the political process in the country and put them on track through constructive dialogue. "

and revealed the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) led by President Jalal Talabani on Tuesday for his willingness and the Kurdistan Alliance for the prosecution of the Secretary in the coalition of the Sons of Iraq those who care about Abbas Muhammadawi for inciting against the Kurds, while condemned the targeting of one of its headquarters in Babylon yesterday, stressing the need not to be dragged into sectarian strife.

condemned the National Accord Movement, in turn, target headquarters, saying that he is the embodiment of "calls chauvinism" launched by the Parties " Muturh, "he warned of the approach overlooked method escalation of sectarian and ethnic. was Secretary General of the coalition of the Sons of Iraq those who care about Abbas Muhammadawi considered, on Monday, that the crisis with the Kurds, "fabricated" and its relationship to their historical, and denied that he had called for the killing or displacement, but to cancel the visa of the Arabs or the treatment of the Kurds in kind.

and the reporting of a number of the media picked up, in the April 6, 2012, Declaration of the Spokesman Regiment 9 Badr Abu Abdullah Muhammadawi of the coalition of the sons of Iraq those who care about the grace of all the Kurds in Baghdad and areas of Arab nationalism weeks of leave to the Kurdistan region, and threatened that otherwise would be taking up arms against the President of Kurdistan region Masoud Barzani and his followers, while the new Secretary General of the Coalition Abbas Muhammadawi (April 7) to request the Kurds to leave the capital and Arab territories, calling to make their entry to Visa.

Lord of the Kurdistan Alliance on those statements, describing the coalition of the Sons of Iraq those who care about "racist and terrorist," as Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki that the government is responsible for the security of its citizens regardless of their affiliations, and demanded of the Iraqi Kirkuk activating the seventh paragraph of the Constitution, which prohibits the adoption of racism and to hold any entity or political organization .

In the two developments to Aftin also, a number of Arab tribal leaders and Kurdish refusal to threats Muhammadawi they portend conflict Arab-Kurdish, while threatened a Shiite organizations armed "Legion sincere promise" to take up arms to defend the Kurds in the event were targeted in the capital Baghdad and the Arab areas, and accused Muhammadawi belonging to the "hand in the Iraqi government."

The Secretary General of the coalition of the Sons of Iraq those who care about Abbas Muhammadawi announced, in January 21, 2012, the formation of a regiment on behalf of 9 Badr to respond to the "excesses" of Kuwait to Iraq, noting that it includes volunteers from the organizations civil society from all Iraqi factions representing the Arab tribes of central Iraq and the provinces of Western and South America, with a student assembly in (January 26, 2012), armed factions, Shiite, Sunni and Christian not to lay down their arms in order to address the external interventions in the Iraqi issue, and warned of the role of the embassies of some states in the country .