Allawi calls for the intervention of Washington and the United Nations to implement the agreement Erbil power-sharing

10/04/2012 16:29

Beirut, April 10 (Rn) - The former Iraqi Prime Minister Iyad Allawi, in an article titled "Iraq sliding into renewed violence" in the newspaper "The Washington Times," America on the occasion of the ninth anniversary of the invasion of Iraq, that Iraq is sliding phase of the "rule of one man dangerous that will lead inevitably to the dictatorship of a comprehensive, "which dispels hopes for the establishment of prosperous Iraq stable federal and democratic society.

He said Allawi in his article in which he stressed the need to implement an agreement Erbil power-sharing, that Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki "take advantage of support unconditional from Tehran, and the carelessness of Washington ... violation of the Constitution in order to consolidate his power with the security forces and military harassment and repression of political opponents. "

Allawi accused the existing system that is characterized by "corruption, brutality and use of the judiciary against political opponents," he said, adding that the government does not provide basic services to citizens, including clean water, electricity, health care, He pointed out that unemployment hit among young people to more than 30 percent, making them easy targets for recruitment by the "terrorists and bandits." He also accused some of the security services as part of the problem where oversees the prisons of torture linked to the prime minister directly, as reported by international organizations advocate human rights. also noted Allawi to the Maliki raised recently the severity of his tone against the Kurdistan Regional Government, pointing also to the moves unconstitutional by Maliki against Vice President Tariq al-Hashemi, Deputy Prime Minister Saleh al-Mutlaq.

He continued, saying that the Iraqis are asking about the role of the United States in a series events taking place in Iraq, in contrast with the first vision, which was in Washington about a democratic Iraq dominated by reconciliation and freedoms and an independent judiciary. concluded Allawi to say that not to engage the U.S. give Maliki the confidence to move more toward its goal to achieve absolute power by ignoring the application of the Arbil on power-sharing sponsored by the President of Kurdistan region Masoud Barzani and the White House.

He concluded by warning that Iraq's disintegration and the return of sectarian violence will lead to further destabilize the volatile region, and makes the neighboring countries that compete for influence in Iraq, the intervention is not required. called Iraqi Prime Minister, former United States step up its efforts through the United Nations in order to restore the political process back on track without delay by insisting on full implementation of the Convention on Arbil, in order to establish transparency and the rule of law, national reconciliation and respect for the Constitution and human rights, considering that the United States has always been "important ally" for Iraq. of : Khalil Khalil. Open: Abdullah Sabri