While I appreciate the genuine efforts on the part of most of the "Guru's" - until we have resolution on the political front in Iraq with the remaining Ministers seated, agreed to and the Erbil agreement completely implemented (which was just adjudicated "constitutional" by the Supreme Judiciary), it is entirely unlikely that this bank notification, rate changing or Forex info can be valid. It is simply not possible. At one time we believed this would be the first place we would see the info - but that was based on Maliki actually living up to his "deals" and "agreements" that he has clearly not (over and over). It appears they are - or are threatening to remove Maliki and move their government forward without the threat of a dictator. This is better for everyone. I too, believed at one time Maliki would remain - but he fooled us all. He never intended to honor any of his agreements - nor has he (with anyone - not once). I don't think this will take long - but it is likely vital to the interests of most of the free world. So relax - and keep and eye on the news. It will all happen at about the same time and out in the open - for all to see.