Saudi Arabia seeks to dismantle the National Alliance and Washington spared Iran influence response periodic

Baghdad/special/Orr news

The State of law Coalition warned of the Saudi-led project aimed at dismantling the National Alliance in the coming period and creating serious political crises, claiming sectarian balance in intelligent, political sources and other information in the Gulf and Jordan that Saddam's periodic AZA behind in all his political and military and partisan, exists since years in Saudi Arabia, which provided him with protection and security with Iraqi leaders and the leaders of clans, noting that the political decision taken high hand in Riyadh show periodic registration visible is the first since US occupation of Iraq nine years ago.

President cluster parliamentary competencies under the umbrella of a State of law charity Al-Awadi, commenting on recriminations between the Deputy of State law and virtue block albzoni Jawad because Justice Minister visit to Saudi Arabia, "a project to dismantle the National Alliance by Saudi Arabia through political forces working against the success of the Government in the period ahead and disabled the political process."

In particular, he told the News Agency (Orr) said that National Alliance leaders don't drift into uproar and accusations interface because this project tries to exploit these remarks to National Alliance row-grave future ". And between Al-Awadi said "there is accurate information we have received confirm that international efforts to dismantle national Alliance to create new political crises."

In the statement, according to Arab sources, the periodic appearance is alive and preach in uniforms came to put pressure on the Government of Nouri al-Maliki in Iraq, to ease its submission to Iran and Syria, according to sources, suggesting that Saudi Arabia owns the leader politically and militarily and nonpartisan Iraqis and, more importantly, belongs to the Sunni community, and she could return to power in Iraq at the head of the Baath party.

According to the sources, the hidden faces of officers standing behind the League during his speech, came to suggest that the League has organized military body is capable of recording and broadcast political speech, which sources say they will not stop, but to other objectives of periodic insights into psychological and political and media.

Sources indicated that the League emerged from Iraq after months of the occupation of Iraq and did not provide armed operations from Iraqi territory but has links with the Baath party organizations through communications and guidance, not see them periodic Baath party regulations but on extremist Sunni Muslim factions supported by some Governments of the Gulf and Gulf businessmen.

According to sources, the League which began with better health than his days as Deputy to Saddam lived in his palace of King Abdullah, but did not move much for security reasons and for fear that his presence on Earth is exposed.

The sources said that the emergence of this periodic time planned and would be able to navigate anymore among Gulf States, except Kuwait, which will open their coffers to support armed groups against the Maliki government and seek to undermine it by all means.

The same sources indicated that the Americans no longer concerned and periodic movements they don't regard the arrest or prosecution, and maybe they knew his presence in Saudi Arabia.

The sources did not rule out that Washington may be saved to use as paper against periodic Iranian influence in Iraq in a timely manner and not far away from that moment has come the emergence of periodic US Gulf and regionally.