Maliki up to Najaf to inspect the investment projects

09/04/2012 13:16

Najaf, April 9 (AKnews) - arrived before noon on Monday, Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki to the province of Najaf to see some investment projects, and to participate in a vigil cleric and Islamic thinker Muhammad Baqir al-Sadr. witnessed maintain tight security since the early morning hours, where forces deployed by the police, army and other security services in the fields, squares and main streets, while the cordon security tight around the places visited by al-Maliki. and received the correspondent of news agency Kurdistan (Rn) of Najaf on information confirming that the agenda-Maliki's visit during a visit to the references to religion and to ensure only visit for an investment project housing development with 3 thousand housing units under construction, known as the village of Bourne in the north of the province, and a visit to the hospital project German is under construction as well and see the facilities, the Najaf International Airport.

and will premier at 2 pm in celebration of memorial to a man of religion and Islamic thinker Muhammad Baqir al-Sadr, who hosted the Islamic Dawa Party on the occasion of the passage of 32 years to his execution and his sister girl Huda. also expected to brief al-Maliki to project the Palace of Culture, which was to be home to the opening ceremony of the project Najaf Capital of Culture 2012, which carries a large number of intellectuals, the prime minister responsibility postponed.

Maliki was accompanied on his tour, the governor of Najaf agency Razak Sharif and the President of the Provincial Council usefulness Kazim, Chairman of the Committee of Nun, and the security Yasiri Loay and the number of members of the provincial council. of Salah al-Khuzai, the Open: the fulfillment Zangana