April 9 symbols of the dictatorship fell .. And got up the new Iraq
09/04/2012 5:22

BAGHDAD - Al Sabah
differed politicians and intellectuals in the country specify the name or address on April 9, 2003, some called it the day of their second day of the fall of Baghdad, and others beginning of the occupation, but all those who spoke for the (morning) agreed in the fact that this day is a turning point significant in the history of the country has been overshadowed by the political and social, cultural and environmental. the growth of democracy and sees politicians that the most important products of the fall of the dictatorial regime buried is the growth of the seed of democracy in the new Iraq and the election of a representative government for all the sons of the homeland and its components.

Says the National Alliance MP cream Silverline Muhammadawi: that Iraq has flourished after the fall of the previous regime on April 9, 2003, where overjoyed parts of Iraq combined with the elected governments that came after that until now. He noted that currently witnessing political differences between the leaders of the blocks, but it disputes a simple Atriqy to a level that could undermine the political process, but can resolved between the political parties the wise who have a long history in this area, and they are all holy warriors made ​​sacrifices during the previous regime, hoping that there will be a response from them in order to bring smiles on the faces of the Iraqis. He appealed to the Kurds that they are away from the political differences and return part from Iraq after he shared his in all the tragedies that the former regime against the sons of his people.

For his part, MP for the Kurdistan Alliance bloc Adel Abdullah: Iraq after April 9, 2003 release of the system Mpad committed the ugliest crimes sons of his people free from all feelings of humanity, But the government did not provide Mafany enough in terms of services such as electricity and the reconstruction of Iraq. He said that we were expecting that the progress of successive governments more to haunt the people a sense that there is a new Iraq, has solved a substitute for Iraq crime and mass graves, but unfortunately, that the scourges of corruption, terrorism and narrow interests of the political blocs have prevented Iraq from providing Mafany enough to serve the people. and Abdullah said the new Iraq differed from the past after such as the Council of Representatives since 2003 up to now all ethnic groups and factions, and religions and such a thing did not exist during the previous regime.

A heavy legacy member of the Board Municipal Karada Nabil al-Araji said that the day of liberation of the Iraqi people from dictatorship to open the door wide for potential Iraqi fair for reconstruction and the distribution of wealth in useful projects for future generations as well as enjoy democracy. He said, "There are a lot of mistakes made ​​by successive governments, first solve the armed forces and administration Iraqi funds and have not set the security file and other errors that caused a rift in the social fabric of Iraq and undermining the confidence of the citizen the government and security forces and the executive, "stressing that the current government, including his heirs from the mistakes of the stage of dictatorship and the governments that followed was trying its best to correct and address the mistakes and erase the effects of social, psychological, launched a fierce campaign against terrorism and armed groups and succeeded in the program of national reconciliation and implemented strategic projects important to contribute to the support of a strong economy and prosperous commensurate with the wealth possessed by Iraq. Mental illness that the lawlessness that accompanied the fall of the dictatorial regime after the ninth of April cause to find a generation of young people addicted to lack of discipline and obey the laws and social norms being a contemporary of the looting and chaos, what is incumbent on the State to find treatments to ward off the bad effects on Iraqi society.

A specialist doctor in the psychiatric Dr. Saad Mahmoud Mahdi said, "that many talk about the Iraqi people after 9/4/2003 to what they called the (senses), but scientifically that in every country in the world and in every time and place, even in developed countries when the system changes and get out of security and losing the country's police and law and security note psychological citizen suddenly changed after it was ruled by the authorities of security and the state and the ideals dread people have found themselves in front of Nothing Vtsrvoa things to Acanonah, especially in the communities and no one acting in this threads alone, but groups and this so-by the "psychology of the group" or "psychology of the herd" produce behaviors are abnormal, even if he was alone for Ivolha "he said, adding that whenever the system is tough or strong the reaction is the strongest and most violent, but this reaction is normal, and communities undisciplined nature, the results are different and vary from person to person, there are people to be the breaking point with Links In any moment and in front of any turn stands out for his aggressive, people, others are bitmap collapse has a high setting calls to many things occur in front of him and raised to fall apart before it. increased Mahdi said that what happened after that date and Matamlh Iraqi citizens from the well-being and not feel intimidated and others appeared opposite of bombings and death and shocks hit the citizen frustration with all the problems of frustration, which causes anxiety, depression and post-trauma, and for young people before puberty and even puberty fall the ideals they have and there is no such high good offered by them to the new situation leads to deviations represent the personality of adolescents and children who grow. of the Pope may identify some of the intellectuals, their views on the phenomenon of looting that followed the coalition forces entered Baghdad and topple the dictatorial regime, when the quoted international media events in Baghdad focused on those events was the launch the name of "Ali Baba" on the Iraqis as an expression of theft.

Described the Assistant Secretary General of the Union of Arab Historians, Dr. Mohammed Kamel al-Rubaie witnessed Iraq after the events of April 9, 2003 that he is not new to the communities in the world. "It was not what experienced by Iraq in the ninth of April 2003 a new in history, has seen other societies calculated section of the civilized world such incidents, such as the United States and other societies of Europe and America. " Rubaie said, "If we analyze the Machdh Iraq during the period placed research we can say that part of them back to the role of neighboring countries, as well as the American role, which was seen by some Iraqis, holding tools especially with official institutions, without moving a muscle, except for important ministries, which was the U.S. administration is keen, such as the Ministry of Oil "... He said the Iraq witnessed in 1941 events similar to the events of April 2003 was looted Jewish homes because they went out welcoming the British forces occupied Iraq again after the uprising Maes, but some indicators of historical describes the British role in it for the displacement of Jews to Palestine. continued Dr. al-Rubaie, "If we go back to the time of the fall of the Abbasid state in 1258, we find that Hulagu permitted his army seize Baghdad and the recent looting, pillage and murder, had not escaped him only a few of the people of Baghdad at the time that, and became this work an imitation of the occupiers when their occupation of other countries. " and the repercussions of the events of 2003 indicated al-Rubaie to "Some foreign media outlets and Arab took advantage of the looting and exaggerated in order to distort the reality of the Iraqi people and obligations of the value, and left the name (Ali Baba) synonymous with the words pronounced by American soldiers on the Iraqis, while the fact that the people of Iraq are not so."