Parliament intends to amend the investment law
Date: Monday 09/04/2012 9:48

Baghdad / follow-up the long
form of the House of Representatives of the Commission to amend the Investment Law No. (13) for the year (2006), and remove the obstacles in front of investors.
said a member of the Committee of Economy and Investment Rep. Nora Albjara (of the Agency news): a special conference to invest in the House of Representatives and in the presence President of the Board and Chairman of the National Investment Commission and the heads and representatives of investment authorities in the provinces, to discuss the reasons for delay in the investment process in Iraq and the most important problems faced by the investor when he came to the country, and the development of results and solutions to remove all obstacles and advance investment in Iraq.

He added that the conference came out with (9) recommendations of the most important provision of land for projects big strategic period not exceeding (30) days and the earth shall be valid from all impurities for delivery to the investor, the fact that land is reducing the problems experienced by the investor.
She Albjara: It was agreed to the formation of a committee composed of all of the Economic Commission representative and representatives of bodies of investment and private sector representatives and experts in economic affairs to amend the paragraphs of the Investment Law No. (13) for the year (2006), to develop facilities to investors, although the law has been amended once, but it's still does not meet the purpose for which the real investment.