Parliament: the intention is to modify the oil law
Date: Monday 09/04/2012 9:49

Baghdad / term follow-up
A member of the Committee on Energy and Oil MP Furat al-Shara said the intention is to modify the oil and gas law in a way that serves all parties to pass the law and vote, stressing that the delay in approval Btazm contributed to the relationship between Arbil and Baghdad. Shara said (of the Agency news):

The late adoption of the law of oil and gas and not voted on by the House of Representatives had deepened the dispute between the Governments of Kurdistan and the federal government, and political differences have contributed to the continued non-adoption of this law is important for the Iraqi people, because each party interprets the Constitution, including convenience and serves. He added there is an intention to return to the political entities and leaders of parliamentary blocs, that there should be rationalization of some of the paragraphs of the law of oil and gas so as not to affect the substance of paragraphs legal, as well as to bridge the gaps in the law passed and approved, and resolve all political differences, calling for a return to the Constitution paragraphs that are clear to resolve all political disputes.