The announcement of entering Iraq in the Global Compact of the United Nations to organize the work in the private sector
Haider Ali Jawad - 15/10/2011 PM - 4:55 p.m. | Hits: 46

Announced today in Baghdad for the emergence of the first founding conference of Iraq's entry in the Global Compact of the United Nations, who organizes the work in the private sector.

He said on the Keywords Secretary General of the Council of Ministers in a joint news conference with the Administrator of the United Nations in Iraq, Peter Batchelor Building the House of Representatives, "This day is of exceptional importance in the development of the private sector through the entry of Iraq in the Global Compact of the United Nations, which regulates the responsibilities and the work of the private sector in the world. "

He added that "Iraq is joined today by signing this agreement to the [135] state and six thousand companies and three thousand non-governmental organization participation in this agreement," adding that "the launch of the local network for this project is considered a turning point in the operational environment of Iraq."

Keywords added that "the signing of this agreement will achieve voluntary compliance with standards contained in the agreement with respect to the environment, human rights, labor standards and the fight against corruption."

He explained that "Iraq's entry in this agreement will provide a high degree of reliability in dealing with companies involved in this agreement will also create a new base for dealing with the public sector and private sector based on the exchange of knowledge, experience and consultation between the parties."

For his part, said project manager Peter Batchelor congratulated "for the government and the Iraqi private sector to join the international agreement of the United Nations, which will raise the economic level of the country."

He added, "This agreement is based on four basic pillars of respect for human rights and respect for labor standards, environment, safety and commitment to fighting corruption."