Algehiche: new alliances for the development of mechanisms for the political process .. For Amsai to change the Maliki government

Ali Abdullah - 06/04/2012 AD - 11:14 AM

MP for the / coalition in Iraq / Osman Algehiche, that the political process will see new alliances if the rest of the case as it is now, referring to the remarks the President of the Kurdistan region suggest the existence of an alliance between Iraq and the Kurdistan Alliance and some parties of the National Alliance.
this and entered a coalition of al-Maliki and the Kurdistan Alliance hard-Barzani differences great, and went immediately to detect files smuggling of oil and other issues.
said Algehiche in a press statement on Friday: The political situation now of crisis and there is a real crisis and not held a national meeting is to resolve all the differences there will be a change in the political map.
He added that Alliance will be a coalition between the Coalition and Iraqi Kurdistan and some parties of the National Alliance, especially since the recent escalation of Kurdistan leader Massoud Barzani of Washington hinting to such alliances.
He Algehiche to: that these alliances will not change the government of Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, but to put mechanisms new to the political process.
This A member of the State of Law Coalition MP / National Alliance / Ali Falh, the endeavors and threats by any coalition or political alliance can not withdraw confidence or overthrow the government of Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, adding that all the political blocs suffer from splits great