Nijaifi: Iraqis are Determined to Establish True Democracy

Baghdad, Speaker of Parliament, Usama al-Nijaifi, stressed, “The Iraqi people are determined to face the challenges and establish true democracy in which all participate.”

A statement issued on Friday, Oct. 14, by the Speaker’s Office quoted Nijaifi in a speech he delivered at Chatham House in London ending his visit to Britain saying, “The Iraqis’ will is solid toward establishing a state of democratic institutions and facing challenges.”

In a lecture titled “Challenges of Iraq’s current political situation and the future’s horizon”, Nijaifi explained the factors that hinder national partnership.

Nijaifi added, “Foreign challenges are manifested in the region’s uprising and their reflect on our country, which still bleeding, in addition to Iraq’s relations with neighboring countries and interferences in its internal affairs making it an international battle ground, draw a dark and foggy picture of Iraq’s political scene and its future.”

Nijaifi added, “While domestic challenges are manifested in the national reconciliation, realizing social security and building democracy that facing many challenges aiming to thwart it.”

Nijaifi pointed out, “There are the economic chaos, collapse of industry, agriculture, trade, haphazard education system, health, failure of electricity, water, and services systems, inflation and unemployment, as well as corruption, which is the most ravage plague, in addition to terrorism that is tearing Iraq to parts.”

Nijaifi also stressed the necessity to reform Iraq’s judicial, security and economic systems, as well as enforce freedom and human rights.

Nijaifi was received when arriving at the entrance of Chatham House by a number of British officials, intellectuals and politicians.