Haitham al - Jubouri and Zebari .. hand in hand in the same trench against reform

06/13/2016 10:38:53

BAGHDAD / obelisk: intercepting MP Haitham al-Jubouri on one of the steps to repair articular, in the banking sector, in his remarks last week, have put himself in a ditch opponents of the change and the elimination of corruption, in the front and one with Finance Minister Hoshyar Zebari, who objected to the dismissal of banks managers In the forefront, director of TBI, Hamdiya dry.

Not like this harmony between Jubouri Zebari stranger, known rule that "similar thing gravitated to him," clearly explain how to unite the interests and benefits advocate for themselves, particularly the reform train that threatens their interests.

It is required to reform let him start his own, this is a just principle that distinguishes the pretenders from the advocates of reform the real, which is the mouthpiece of the people of the province of Babylon, who turned their questions from a whisper to the sound loud: Where did you get this Maitham al-Jubouri O ?, and if you object to the dismissal of bank managers, the real reasons behind it are known, especially to the people of Babylon who know stray and contained inflation for wealth Jubouri excessively, and agreed with them on contracting projects, in secret and in public alike.

The question is why resenting al-Jubouri, a lot of managers switch banks? Without other reform steps? ..

Information in the possession "obelisk" cross-connect citizens with it, it indicates that al-Jubouri was "great concern" after the sacking of bank managers who are associated with them deals, financial kickbacks, and one of its means in this pass ancestor citizens through financial institutions which affect the banks directors, provided that there will be a "proportion" to him than those advances, making the Babylonian citizen says: this explains one of the illicit enrichment of Jabouri channels, which make it builds exclusively in Hilla, will cost more than a billion and a half billion dinars.

He continues to say: the tip of the iceberg, and we bring you the details in the story of an official is allowed to interests of superiority over the interests of the individual and society.

But where he finds himself in the reform of the self-styled spokesman for the reformist protesters, it has a wire through the corrupt government who are waging war on them and people demanding Baqalthm and hold them accountable ..

Indeed, al-Jubouri, was perhaps the most dangerous of the corrupt "Alalnyen", because he was keen on making corruption "secret" and "invisible" to many, he believes.

That cause for search and survey the extent of correlation of Representatives, the people's representatives, Pmaknat rotary corruption, after he had taken refuge immunity to cover up their relationships suspicious electrodes corruption in government departments and institutions.

It is clear, that the overthrow of the directors of the commercial real estate and agricultural banks, is the end of the deals Haitham al-Jubouri and Amolath what make it objected to, and detract from this reform step.

It is believed al-Jubouri as chairman of the Finance Committee in the Iraqi parliament, said that his right to participate in the decision to dismiss these managers before it happens, if it was known long ago, he arranged commissions and transaction schedule, and avoid the winds of change at the lowest possible losses.

Poll "obelisk" in the city of Babylon itself, indicates that the public of this city that afflicted letters of Maitham al-Jubouri, the last overlooking of on television sharp tone and mood of nervous, no longer tolerate the duplication of this MP who set foot in front of the fight against corruption as he is steeped in corruption .

It is so incredible, can be approximated from the frightening reality that the deputy of al-Jubouri, such as physical knew its capabilities Statistics before assuming the position of this, it becomes wealth, money and investments that were distributed among the members of the family owners, extend their influence over the various ministries and institutions.

The deputies in the parliament, and then he held the position of "head of the competencies and elites," then turning Elly "one" of the "fat cats", makes a serious question in the sources of the financial empire Jubouri?

Question not answered by al-Jubouri, certainly, but the effects of a function it, in Babil and Baghdad and other areas where the investments and projects that are based on commissions and transactions and facilities of the sacked bank managers, traders, politicians and tribal leaders, all of which are under the mantle of being the owner of influence because it is Chairman of the Finance Committee in parliament that allows him calmly and quietly coordination with other relevant parties.

According to a group of residents of Babylon, the better for the Jabouri "Silence", so perhaps it does not incite public opinion it, either his appearance hero "without Kitchutia" statements are not acts, it will make it and not the strength even to fight windmills, especially as it has become flabby corrupt practices which ruled the spontaneity with which the masses finally realized who is the Maitham al-Jubouri, exactly?

In order to be fair and honest, he should not take advantage of his position in Parliament, and penetrates in the ministries and institutions to dominate the projects and deals, especially in the city of Hilla, to which he belongs, which did not benefit from its investment in something, as far as the banks of neighboring countries, which escapes Jubouri his money to them by close dealers not reached with the hands of justice as is thought.