Friday April 6, 2012

Deputy for the law: the political parties clung to the roof demands preclude the success of the national meeting
Follow-up - and babysit - MP for the State of Law coalition splendor of net debt that clung to the political parties demands a ceiling prevents the success of the national meeting, and is a stumbling block in the way of understanding between the blocks.

Safi said today, that "the availability of psychological motivation and seriousness of the leaders of political blocs is essential for the success of the national meeting."

He added that "the preconditions of the blocks by some clear evidence of the lack of desire to the success of the meeting," noting that "some parties seek to dictate their demands to the other parties in an attempt to thwart the national meeting."

He noted that "blocks if you want to be a serious meeting, it must make real demands and more realistic."

It is said that as head of the House of Representatives Osama Najafi announced Wednesday to postpone the date of the national meeting which was to be held on Thursday, without specifying the new date for a Council meeting comes at a time when the Iraqi arena is witnessing an escalation in the severity of the differences and the widening of the crisis between the political blocs

M. J