Khaled Asadi calls for political blocs to authorize three presidencies to resolve the crisis and an emergency meeting of presidencies
Date: Friday, 06-04-2012 11: 53 am

Baghdad (newsletter) ... Member State of law Coalition Deputy/National Alliance/Khalid Al-Assadi, the three presidencies to hold an emergency meeting soon to discuss the current political crisis, stressing the need to uphold the Constitution in the resolution of outstanding issues.
He said Al-Assadi (the news agency news) on Friday: the three presidencies must hold an emergency meeting and quick search in political crisis, that can be solved through the Constitution.
He said Al-Assadi: three presidencies are three political components in the political process, which could represent the President Jalal Talabani, Kurdistan Alliance, Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki, National Alliance and represents the House of Osama alngivi Iraqi coalition, that continue to develop requirements and demands of the masses would delay the national meeting was not set and the last crisis.
He is a member of coalition rule of law: political blocs to permit Talabani and Al-Maliki walngivi, representation and convening the meeting to resolve the political crisis, especially since they have the convergence of views and seek to resolve the crisis, continued: the Constitution and is the solution to the crisis and upheld the need to resolve outstanding issues.
Member State of law Coalition Deputy//Fuad aldroki National Alliance, earlier Friday, that the current situation is not formatted for the national meeting, stressing the futility of holding the meeting at this time.
Aldorki said in a statement (News News Agency): the goal of the national meeting of the access to the wizards for the outstanding problems between the political blocs, and held at present more dilemmas.
He added: the demands and requirements of the Iraqi list and the crisis between the Federal Government and the Government of the territory about stopping oil exports oil smuggling and mutual accusations and not giving the full share of the Central Treasury, all contributed to worsening the situation and lack of serious national meeting ended/33./n. p.