Baghdad (NINA) – Iraqiya Alliance’s official, Salman al-Jumaily, excluded the possibility for the National Meeting to be held on Thursday, Apr. 5, in light of this evening meeting of the Preparatory Committee.

In a statement to NINA on Tuesday, Apr. 3, Jumaily accused the National Alliance of renouncing its previous commitments and it was not serious in this evening’s discussions.

He pointed out that the meeting will be completed on tomorrow regardless of all problems resulted from the National Alliance’s backing down from its previous commitments, including the Erbil Agreement.

Earlier, source from inside the Preparatory Committee’s meeting being held at the residence of Vice President Khudayyer al-Khuza’e, said that the National Alliance backed down from its commitments to implement agreements reached in previous meetings.

The source told NINA that the Kurdish Alliance and Iraqiya slate insisted in the meeting on implementing the clauses of Erbil Agreements and other agreements reached between political blocs, before discussing other issues.

The source, who refused to be identified, added that the National Alliance’s delegation left the meeting for consultation between its members.

The Preparatory Committee for the National Meeting started its meeting at 8:00 pm Tuesday, Apr. 3, at the residence of Vice President Khudayyer al-Khuza’e, to prepare for the National Meeting.

Official source told NINA that all political blocs are represented in the meeting.