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New agreements between the Kurdish coalition blocs and political blocs

Iraqi MP: Maliki would lose his job due to the face of the Kurdistan Alliance
Ahmed Saadi / Shatt al-Arab - 04/04/2012 AD - 10:13 PM

Description of the Iraqi leadership in and for the Iraqi List MP Talal Hussein Zobaie, the Kurdistan Alliance to "Rock rigid," adding that the confrontation between this rock and a coalition of state law would lead to the loss of much-Maliki, including the office.

Zobaie said in a statement to "Khandan": "The federal government headed by Nuri al-Maliki came across the conventions held in Erbil, and was for the Kurdistan Region a great credit to Maliki's stint as Prime Minister of the current government, indicating the following: that the confrontation between the coalition of state law and the Kurdistan Alliance, which is the mass the first coherent and "rigid rock," will lead to the loss of al-Maliki.

He said Iraqi MP in the context of his statement: the losses incurred after the face of the Kurds Maliki is stepping down from his position by means of new agreements between the Kurdish coalition blocs and political blocs and the Coming of another person for prime minister.

The bloc of Kurdish in Iraqi Council of Ministers has issued a statement on Tuesday about the recent statements by Hussein al-Shahristani, pointing out that the Minister Kurds believe that any position announce the name of the Iraqi government must be agreed and in accordance with the decision has been discussed in the Council of Ministers to become an opinion formally to the Iraqi government and otherwise it does not represent only the personal opinion of the official owner of the permit, and from this standpoint, Hussain al-Shahristani's comments reflect the opinion only and does not reflect the opinion of the Iraqi government.

In the same context, Dr. Fuad Hussein, Kurdistan Region that calls for the formation of a joint committee between Baghdad and Erbil to investigate the accusations made ​​by Hussain al-Shahristani recently about "the existence of operations to smuggle oil from Kurdistan to Iran."

And Chairman of the Presidium of the Region: We consider the statements d. Hussein Shahristani, the deputy prime minister for energy indictment stark against the region, so we call for the formation of a joint committee of the Iraqi Council of Representatives and the Parliament of Kurdistan and the presence of representatives from the ministries of oil and the Iraqi Finance and the Ministries of Natural Resources and Finance to the Government of the Region in order to investigate these accusations as well as the investigation into the smuggling of oil from the continuous Basra and other areas of southern Iraq to Iran for a long time.

The President of the Board said, "is supposed to be the federal government partnership government coalition, but these false accusations from the presence of al-Shahristani, where Echtlgaha from time to time, but a perpetuation of his positions and his personal past and Tabran the perspective of the entire government, and his goal is to to cover up the failure who suffered by its oil sector in Baghdad, let alone caused by exposing the principles of partnership and the efforts to lift the country out of her ordeal to the danger of an investigator. "