Saudi Arabia opens fire on Al-Maliki calls boycott Gulf

Tuesday, 03 April 2012 17: 02 Visits: 9.

Twilight news/Saudi newspapers launched today, Tuesday, Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki for criticizing Riyadh and Doha last of arming the opposition and confirm that the Syrian regime of President Bashar Al-Assad "will fall".

Newspaper "Middle East" Saudi Arabia "atalt articletwilight news" stating that it "has to start Gulf Maliki and his province", "the banner of the University Presidency of Iraq Arabic now no value to Syrian, so we must punish all those who stand with Damascus tyrant and a fortiori the Maliki government."

"By TFG opponents and not to allow the emergence of a new Saddam or Bashar". Positions of Al-Maliki was considered a coup for Saudi Arabia and Qatar "deception is clear and proof that no confidence in Maliki government."

Maliki was announced two days ago that "the language of the use of force to topple the regime (Syrian) we will another tug finally brought it, and they said two years, two months and passed a year now and no system and would be counted and why drops".

"We reject any arming and process projection system by force, because they succeed in cumulative crisis."

For its part, Riyadh, "headlined an editorial" Maliki voted in Iran ... Or Governor of Iraq? ".

"We expected after the Summit that is actually Arabic in managing its relations with the Gulf and exits from habos Iran and its hegemony over governmental decisions in Baghdad away create crises." "Syrian people revolted against the injustices of the similarity of what was suffered by Iraq with Saddam, but the justification is larger than the lion's tale to fears the arrival of year to reinforce governance in Iraq and Lebanon role."

"Al-Maliki criticized indirectly call the Kingdom and Qatar arming Syrian opposition, while arcade town to pass the weapons to the Government and supported financially, Assad and oil."

"Riyadh" referred to "he personally lively complain about the role of the Government in training and arming members of Al-Qaeda and taken across the border between the two countries now on the Syrian regime can bemoan that happens drop earthquake in the region.

In turn, the daily Al-Watan that "barely ink written by Arabic Summit decisions in Baghdad, Al-Maliki came out even dries up defending the Baathist regime in Syria in" political schizophrenia "cannot exist except when Maliki and others like it."

Al-Maliki demanded that "busy with current and completed the angst Iraq ministries file and find a solution, to the problem of a Kurdistan Baghdad's oil exports, it is most effective to Iraq and Arabs."

Pointed out that the "letter of Nuri (Maliki) before the Summit is a calculation for each word uttered, released after this date unleashed his tongue to attack Saudi Arabia and Qatar".

"What Maliki raises a laugh and ridicule, that the Assad regime will fall, which it gambled since the start of the crisis, not love in current system of Damascus, but the bias of" joint position of Iranian ally, adding home response to say Al-Maliki asked "why Saddam fell and drops Bashar"?.