Al-Assadi: Maliki is a media campaign by Al-Kurd. Security and service development for Iraq not clear them

Date: Tuesday, 03-04-2012 02: 33 pm

Baghdad (newsletter) ...Member State of law Coalition Deputy from National Alliance//Hussein Al-Assadi, the Kurdish leadership to stop the media campaign against the Federal Government and specifically against Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki and deputy Hussein Shahristani, stressing that security development and service to the Kurds don't appeal to Iraq.
He said Al-Assadi (the news agency news) on Tuesday: that the Federal Government and the Prime Minister and his Deputy Shahristani are campaign by the Kurdistan Alliance, after Al-Maliki from running the country properly and Arabic Summit success, noting that the return of Iraq to the Arabic interface and security development and service in Baghdad and other governorates not clear for the Kurds, they live and exploit crises for political and financial gain.
Called Sheikh Al-Assadi: Kurdish leaders to stop the campaign against Al-Maliki Federal Government, reminding that the suspect is to be Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari they charge (with) them with financial and administrative corruption funds repatriation and rehabilitation of Arabic Summit hotels.
Noted: the Kurds live on political crises for political gains from Baghdad to the detriment of the Iraqi people, said: the success of the Iraqi Government at all levels don't appeal to the Kurds, and continued: our partners with certain powers and Kurdistan which contribute to the success and development of Iraq, he said: they're real partners, without specifying the names of the partners of the Al-Kurd.
This crisis erupted between the Kurdistan Regional Government and the coalition of State law, on the background of mutual accusations about the lack of implementation of the Convention concluded between Iraqi political forces./ended/1 l. Eng.