Parliamentary rule out the "extraordinary" to hold a hearing during the legislative holiday

Thursday 2 June 2016 | 17:21
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BAGHDAD / .. ruled MP for the Liberal bloc proof Mamouri, on Thursday, the House of Representatives to hold a special session during the holidays chapter of the Legislative Council, indicating that the Fallujah operations do not have entered the process of reforms.

Said Mamouri's "Eye of Iraq News," that "everyone is now waiting for the decision of the Federal Court until there is motionless real political to end the parliamentary crisis," noting that "an extraordinary session bounces contract, because of the political forces position and not to compromise on the portfolios they occupy."

He said the "exceptional hearing will not take place unless the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi requested the convening of the meeting to complete the cabinet reshuffle and the succession did not take place any meeting after the start of the new legislative term," stressing that "the liberation of Fallujah operations has no income reform Ministerial edited file at all."

The Council of Representatives, last Tuesday, its exceptional headed by Speaker Salim al-Jubouri, the presence of a number of deputies from the reform front, while raised the presidency of the parliament session to legislative term Almqubl.anthy 9