They deceive the Iraqis said they ...Alatroshi: Al-Maliki empowered deputy Shahristan
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Thread: They deceive the Iraqis said they ...Alatroshi: Al-Maliki empowered deputy Shahristan

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    They deceive the Iraqis said they ...Alatroshi: Al-Maliki empowered deputy Shahristan

    They deceive the Iraqis said they ...Alatroshi: Al-Maliki empowered deputy Shahristani assumed economic war against Kurdistan

    Date: Monday, 02-04-2012 04: 12 pm

    Irbil (News) ...Caution the representative for the Kurdistan Alliance//Farhad alatroshi of Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki has continued and Deputy Iraqi Hussain Shahristani of illusions that Kurds controlling part of Iraqi oil, adding that Al-Maliki empowered deputy Shahristani assumed onslaught or economic war against the people of Kurdistan in General and its leadership in particular, adding that Kurdish leaders red line.
    Alatroshi said to the reporter (News Agency news) Monday: Al-Maliki and Iraqi Deputy Shahristani trying illusions that Kurds controlling part of oil or revenues, which are seeking to deliver the messages to the Iraqi people, that Kurds primary beneficiary of oil wealth, wondering why the oil and gas law which regulates the oil corporations and contributes to the distribution of wealth among all governorates of Iraq.
    Noted: that the people of Iraq begins to realize and knew those thieves oil?, calling on Maliki and Deputy to respect the people of Kurdistan and their leaders and not charges against them, the fact that Kurdish leaders and the red line will defend the people of the territory were whatever the price.
    He said: I would like to ask, is the process of oil smuggling to Iran, Kurdistan? Either al-Maliki Shahristani through joint oil fields with Iran, demanding production process files detected waltsadirllnft, where the time is suitable for detecting corrupt files (according to him).
    He said that Maliki give green light for Deputy Hussain Shahristani, known as "anti-Islam" for Kurds ", to launch a fierce attack, the economic war against the territory in a bid to pressure the President of province of Massoud Barzani.
    And repeat Deputy from Kurdistan and Kurdistan Alliance: red line leadership and will defend their territory, people, whatever the price.
    This warned the Deputy Prime Minister for Energy Affairs from Hussain Shahristani shortfall in fiscal balance by the Kurdistan Regional Government's decision to halt oil exports, to take appropriate steps towards the territory especially since the Constitution stipulates that oil King of the people and not for a particular region.
    Shahristani said at a joint press conference with oil minister Abdel Karim for would I attended (News Agency news) Monday: Iraq last month achieved the highest fiscal revenue in the export of oil since 1990 at a sale of 105 to 110 dulal barrel.
    He added: in conjunction with this height surprised the Kurdistan Regional Government's decision to halt oil exports in the region which constitutes 5% of the total export of Iraqi crude, noting that the political dialogues bargains will not be at the expense of the riches of the Iraqi people or its independence.
    He said that this procedure is not appropriate and the Kurdistan share from fiscal budget amounting to 17% of the total budget depends primarily on petroleum exports, which means that the territory will take his share of the financial budget of SOC and Kirkuk.
    Noted: the Kurdistan Government off for the export of oil will cause a great loss for Iraq where Iraq lost over the past two years nearly six billion and $ 560 million due to reduced oil exports territory of 175,000 barrels a day to 70,000 barrels, and continued to stop exporting oil from Iraqi Kurdistan will cause greater financial losses for the country.
    And oil minister Abdel Karim for would: oil Ministry signed an agreement with the Ministry of wealth in the Kurdistan Regional Government to surrender the territory provides for oil extracted from Federal Government sales territory, however that did not recognize the Federal Government amounting to five times what the Federal Government demanded by the territory of financial receivables./finished/24 l. Eng.

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    more of the same old thing cilvil war soon to break out and that means no rv this year as long as maliki is in power he will not rv this is fact !

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