Deputy State law: development of any item of the National Congress would put the latest from us

Date: Monday, 02-04-2012 02: 41 pm

Baghdad (newsletter) ... Member State of law Coalition Deputy/Shaker/National Alliance, his face Darraji said any attempt to introduce a new item for the National Conference, noting that his coalition would be another item in the event of one of the political blocs.
He said Darraji (News Agency news) Monday: his work recognized National Alliance of the Preparatory Committee for the Conference national where he abide by the Constitution, in the event of Iraqi Kurdistan Alliance list or add a new item, the national will ask new corresponding, explaining that national tends not to preconditions and does not accept them because they impede the process of dialogue to resolve all problems and disputes between the political blocs.
He said oppose requiring Iraq to attend some personalities, announced previously, because the responsibility for these names is greater than the current differences.
He was a member of the coalition of State law, the National Alliance deputy//Hussein NET, announced Prime Minister ready to implement all the demands of the constitutional political blocs to unite political life and the relationship between political leaders, noting that the issues of al Hashimi and Al-mutlak did not arise within the agenda of the Conference.
NET said (News): an agreement between the Preparatory Committee for the Conference not to put issues of Vice President Tariq al-Hashimi, Deputy Prime Minister Saleh Al-mutlaq within national conference and in particular the issue of al-Hashimi as judicial and cannot be solved politically.
He said that Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki is prepared to implement the demands of the political blocs, the requirement to be unconstitutional in order to unify the political life and the relationship between political leaders to end the bickering, but no right Prime intervention cases involving crack because there is entitlement to judicial issues people therefore cannot be politically resolved the issue of al Hashimi./finished/7. d/s.