Fatlawi: There is a high-level diplomatic efforts by the government to remove Iraq from Chapter VII
الإثنين, 02 نيسان/أبريل 2012 07:09 Monday, April 2 / April 2012 07:09

[Baghdad - where]

Said an MP for the coalition of state law Hanan al that there is a high-level diplomatic efforts and good coordination by the Iraqi government to remove Iraq from Chapter VII.

He said Fatlawi told all of Iraq [where] the day, that "the coming days will witness pursuant to seriously to end the issue of debt owed ​​by Iraq at the same level that the Government has worked by the success of the Baghdad summit," indicating that "the issue of interest to all Iraqis, one of the most important goals that the government seeks to achieved after the success of the Arab summit. "

She added that "the Iraqi government after it had succeeded in holding the summit in Baghdad, despite the challenges faced at this time, trying very hard to remove Iraq from Chapter VII and an end to this matter fully."

Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki paid a visit to Kuwait on 14 of March last-day and one at the invitation of his Kuwaiti counterpart and met the prince of Kuwait and the President of parliament, and held talks with the Kuwaiti delegation headed by Prime Minister During the visit, resolving a number of files, including the demarcation of the border and end the file of Iraqi Airways, with no access to the announcement of the results during this visit for a number of other files which are the most important issue of reparations and remove Iraq from Chapter VII. "

The Emir of Kuwait last Thursday, March 29 is a historic visit to Iraq after a hiatus of 22 years and attended the Arab summit and gave a speech, which gave the impression of improved relations between the two countries and resolve outstanding issues between them, allowing to drive Iraq from Chapter VII ended