Bank of the economy: the formation of a cooperative committee between the Iraqi and American banks to provide expertise

Follow-up - and babysit - The Chairman of the Economy Bank Hussam Ali Obeid, the formation of a cooperative committee between the Iraqi and U.S. banks for the purpose of providing assistance and expertise and to prepare a new generation qualified to work in Iraq, the modern banking.
Ali said in a press statement on Saturday: a committee was formed a cooperative of some Iraqi banks and experienced in the local market with the experts of U.S. banks under the auspices of the Ministers of Trade of Iraq and the U.S. on behalf of, for the purpose of providing global banking expertise and the arise of their developments Tknlologih, in addition to the preparation of training courses for workers Iraqi banks in order to produce a new generation of Iraqis eligible to work the modern banking.

Ali said: that this initiative will be the gate to move towards international banks by producers and importers, brokers, noting that the current methods of Iraqi banks as a lack of professionals and good governance in the work, so they can not at this time to deal with international banks.

And increased the saying: The instability of the security situation in Iraq also contributed to the lack of development of the banking system and its openness to the world, and thus resulted in the reluctance of investment companies from entering the country for the purpose of investment, looking through this initiative that Iraq's having a qualified generation to work the modern banking and brought up to sophisticated methods of global trade.\