[scotti g] Just a quick follow-up note in reference to comments Okie and I addressed earlier about the UN sanctions. I have visited by phone with our top flight friend Eagle Has Landed. He enlightened me about some of the activities during this week at the UN and of some specific events on Thursday involving Iraq. I am awaiting a doccument from that I hope may shed a little light on this matter. I do not want to be premature on information and if I have I want be the first to correct it. I try not to put information out before I have verified it but the last 24 hours have been a little challenging. Thanks all!

[scotti g] Having said that let me be a little more clear. I am not 100% certain about the lifting of the Chapter 7 sanctions!

[scotti g] I hope everyone is staying focused and at peace. We are close. snowman what did I just say in my last comment?

[calrey2005] scotti g how about Erbil and HCL?

[scotti g] calrey2005 I think that is resolved. I still am of the mind that these are not critical to the RV happening. I think it just makes it a little cleaner!